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REVIEW: Alexis Monsanto's Finale At LA Style Fashion Week

Lauren Alvarez |
October 21, 2012 | 9:58 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)
(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)

On Friday, October 19th Alexis Monsanto finished LA Style Fashion week with his Spring/Summer 2013 collection at a star studded event. 

The designer graced the runway at the Vibiana Cathedral with a full collection mixed with bright colors and exquisite prints. It was definitely a glamorous evening filled with magnificent designs, elite individuals, and good vibes. 

As far as the event, it was too incredible to leave any detail out! 

First thing is first, the show opened with an array of dancers all bedazzled in colorful yoga-like clothes. They graced the stage with red and green ribbons to build the crowd's anticipation through dance. As their approximate three minute segment closed, the models began marching down the runway.

The first eight looks were feminine, yet chic. Filled with pinks, the show contained a pink jumpsuit offset with a navy belt. It continued with loose-fitted ombre dresses and floral prints. The ensembles were everyday looks complimentary to every lady's size. 

(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)
(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)
The show transitioned to a more sophisticated phase with satin and silk dresses ranging from cocktail to evening dresses.  This was the most exciting section of the show. 

A stand out ensemble included a two-piece pink suit. Detailed with beads along the side of the leg and along the collar of the blazer, it was appropriate for making a statement. 

Color schemes changed from purples and pinks to more dramatic ones such as greens, navy's, and blacks. Pleats, fringes, and classic styles filled the runway. 

A navy evening gown graced the runway with an embellished neck line. As it rouged over the chest area and onto the stomach it transitioned into more embellishment. The focus of the piece was an intricate headpiece filled with diamonds wrapped around her head. 

Loose-fitted dresses were a trend amongst the collection and resonated well with the audience. 

The finale was unforgettable with a powerhouse female to end the final show. A goddess-like warrior stormed the runway amongst male models. The female was demonstrated as their leader and shown as a strong figure with a studded outfit. 

(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)
(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)

The ensemble was by far the most intricate of all the others. She had a white cape draped over her shoulders and a gold studded bustier. The rest of the leotard she wore was transparent. Her lace tights were personalized with gold beads and further lace. Above all, her shoes were the ultimate accessory - white and studded from ankle to toe. 

The runway show was nothing short of spectacular. The collection transitioned so well with brights to neutrals to a star studded extravaganza! Alexis Monsanto is no rookie to fashion, but he proves once again that he will continue on impacting future seasons to come. 

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