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Questions Most Likely Not To Be Addressed In The Debate

Jackie Mansky |
October 3, 2012 | 5:24 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Prepping for the 2012 Presidential Debate at the University of Denver. (Creative Commons/University of Denver, Flickr)
Prepping for the 2012 Presidential Debate at the University of Denver. (Creative Commons/University of Denver, Flickr)
Wednesday night, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will go head-to-head in their first of three presidential debates at the University of Denver. While the debates are intended to help voters learn more about the candidates, there will be several issues that will not be asked or addressed by the candidates.  

Neon Tommy compiled a frank list of questions from around the web of issues that readers think should but will not be discussed in tonight's debate:

1) A specific plan of action for how Romney will create expansive job growth.

A Daily Beast reader asked:

“Please explain in two minutes how you expect to create 12 million new jobs in the U.S.?"

(What Romney Needs To Do In The Upcoming Debates)

2) More clarity on President Obama's position on gay marriage.

The Christian Science Monitor asked:

"You have called for equal marriage rights for gay Americans. If you’re reelected, will you support repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act?"

3) Real talk on education and what the candidates plan to do about it:

 Tom's Dispatch wanted to know what the candidates will do to improve the United States' education system.

“The US education system is what made this country prosperous in the twentieth century -- but no longer: Perhaps no issue is more urgent than this, yet for all the talk of teacher’s unions and testing, real education programs, ideas that will matter, are nonexistent this election season.”

(Religion Less Of A Factor This Election)

4) What programs would the candidates decide to decrease funds to in order to reduce the national debt.

From PolicyMic:

"Most of the federal budget is spent on defense, Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security. To actually cut the national debt you would need to significantly reduce spending in at least one of these areas. Which one and how?"

5) More conversation on what the candidates will do to change, appeal or maintain America's health care reform law.

Asked by DailyFinance:

"What changes, if any, would you make to the current health care reform law and what time frame do you see those changes occurring in?"

Sacremento Bee writer Bruce Mainn created a similar list, entitled “Some questions a cynic would ask at the debate.” While his questions are almost guarenteed not to be asked during the debate, nevertheless they would shake up the debate.

Maiman first singled President Obama out for his famous rhetorical rallying point from the 2008 elections:

“How about you change your slogan from "Yes We Can" to "Thought We Could"?”

(Obama, Romney Debate Won't Sway Voters)

He then targeted Romney on his "flip-flopping" image: 

“Are you willing to strongly support both sides of every issue?”

The first presidential debate on domestic issues will be aired at 9 p.m. ECT. Stay tuned to see whether or not any of these questions are addressed in the debate.


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