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Political Blogs, Online Polls Emphasize Obama's Debate Defeat

Greg Asciutto |
October 3, 2012 | 9:02 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Politico's headline following first presidential debate.
Politico's headline following first presidential debate.
According to a number of online polls and media outlets, Republican challenger Mitt Romney handily defeated President Barack Obama in the first presidential debate of the 2012 election season. 

In the CNN/ORC Post-Debate Poll, 67 percent of voters believed that Romney won the debate; only 25 percent gave the victory to Obama. 

CNN polls also show that 57 percent of voters said they believe Romney would be a stronger leader than Obama, and 46 percent of voters said that the Republican candidate appeared to be the "more likeable" candidate.

National Journal has run a story with the headline: "Incumbent Debate Curse: President Obama Falls to Mitt Romney."

"The president looked peeved and flat as he carried a conversation, for the first time in four years, with somebody telling him he's wrong," the story read.

A Washington Times' article stated, "Bewildered and lost without his telemprompter, President Obama flailed all around the debate stage last night. He was stuttering, nervous and petulant."

Harsh criticism of the president's performance in the debate is widespread.

"Look: you know how much I love the guy, and you know how much of a high information viewer I am, and I can see the logic of some of Obama's meandering, weak, professorial arguments," said Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast. "But this was a disaster for the president for the key people he needs to reach, and his effete, wonkish lectures may have jolted a lot of independents into giving Romney a second look."


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