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Occupy Protester Concerned About Education, Environment And Foreclosures

Kimberly Leoffler |
October 5, 2012 | 8:49 a.m. PDT


Rolando Salneron, electrical engineer from Los Angeles (Kimberly Leoffler/Neon Tommy).
Rolando Salneron, electrical engineer from Los Angeles (Kimberly Leoffler/Neon Tommy).

Rolando Salneron, an electrical engineer from Los Angeles, joined the Occupy L.A. movement when it began last year because he said he sees many things wrong with the way the government has been treating its people.

He said it's wrong for the government to allow home foreclosures and that the government should be helping people, not hurting them.

“The government spends so much money on banks and foreign affairs,” he said. “They don’t pay attention to the foreclosures.”

Salneron is also passionate about the environment. Not only does he feel that American citizens are not doing enough to help the environment, but he said he also feels the government is adding to environmental depletion.

The government is depending on fossil fuel for energy when there are alternative ways to produce energy, he said, which is evidence of the government’s apathy toward the environment. To Salneron, the strength of the environment correlates with human advancement.

If the government does not care for the environment then they “don’t care about the evolution of its people.”

If we don’t act and try to promote change, he said, then we will disappear because “[the government] doesn’t care about the future of humanity.”

Salneron said he has been affected personally by the government’s actions. His two sons are in college, which “affects me in my pocket because I have to pay the education.”

He said he believes the government doesn’t give out enough loans to students and should do more to help students pursue higher education.

Beyond all of these downfalls Salneron sees in the government, he said he is eager to get more people to join the Occupy movement, which he sees as very much alive.

The more people that get involved, he said, the more the government will be forced to listen.

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