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Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Leave Santa Ana Screaming For More - 10/26

Dian Qi |
October 28, 2012 | 9:17 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Macklemore reaches out to the crowd at The Observatory on Friday night. (Dian Qi/Neon Tommy)
Macklemore reaches out to the crowd at The Observatory on Friday night. (Dian Qi/Neon Tommy)
"Santa Ana, y'all are one of the craziest places we've been so far on this tour," yelled Macklemore to a wild crowd at The Observatory.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made their world tour stop in Santa Ana on Friday for a night that will stay with the audience for years to come.

The Observatory is a medium sized concert venue in Santa Ana, but Friday night may have seen it as its literal maximum capacity.

The room was packed to the brim with a mainly young adult crowd that screamed Macklemore's name over and over as the night went on.

Opening for the dynamic duo were up and coming fellow hip-hop and rap artists XP and Dee-1. The crowd gladly waved their arms, clapped, and cheered for the newcomers, but there was no denying their heated anticipation for the main event of the night. 

The room went dark as Ryan Lewis took his place on the stage as DJ. Epic music boomed throughout the room. The crowd let out a deafening scream and began to chant "Macklemore."

Finally, the man of the hour ran and jumped out onto the stage. Strobe lights flashed like lasers throughout the room as they performed their first song, "Ten Thousand Hours," a track off their new album.

Between each song, Macklemore spent a couple minutes here and there chatting with the audience, seeking their advice on what dance moves he should employ when he takes the stage on The Ellen Show this Tuesday, or previewing the next song. 

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed more songs off their new album, including singles "My Oh My," "Wings," "Can't Hold Us," "Same Love," and fan-favorite, "Thrift Shop."

Macklemore borrowed a faux cheetah fur jacket from an audience member to perform "Thrift Shop" in and even rolled out onto the stage in a scooter, just like he does in the music video.

Songs from previous EPs and mixtapes that were performed included "Otherside," "The Town," and many more. 

Both Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took turns crowd surfing several times throughout the night, much to the delight of the fans who couldn't keep their hands off of them. Macklemore even landed in the audience after one crowd surf and had trouble making his way back to the stage as people pushed and shoved to touch and grab him.

After what was supposed to be the last song, "Victory Lap," Macklemore and Ryan Lewis exited the stage with the crowd immediately letting out a chant: "One more song!" The crowd continued to do so for several minutes before the duo came back out and performed "Castle," "And We Danced," and finally, very fittingly closed with a wild and raucous "Irish Celebration."

It was by all means an absolutely unforgettable performance by one of the most charismatic duos in hip-hop.

After the show, Macklemore tweeted: "That show was hella fun. Impressed by the people of Santa Ana. Kinda loved tonight #sharkfacegang."

It looks like Santa Ana put on quite a performance themselves.

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