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Hermes Spring 2013

Ericka Ostroff |
October 1, 2012 | 10:25 a.m. PDT

(Image Courtesy @Rcolette)
(Image Courtesy @Rcolette)
Mercedes-Benz 2012 New York fashion week may have just come to an end, but designers are onto bigger and better things in Paris. The Hermes spring/summer 2013 collection proved audiences, admirers and fellow couture artists are just that.

If boring was the only word left in the dictionary, it would be a less-than-fitting one to describe the spring/summer 2013 Hermes runway. Designer Christophe Lemaire’s collection was home to an assortment of colors, designers, prints, patterns and cuts.

Some of the looks consisted of shorts and blazers, yet trench coats and smock-like tops followed suite. The collection had a masculine air to it – some models even sported neckties. Let the days of fitted minis, tight tees and plunged necklines be gone! If the Hermes collection is any indication of what to wear for spring/summer 2013, try unfitted, square and oversized pieces.

"I wanted it to be graphic and modernist, masculine and feminine but I also wanted to explore and express the richness of Hermes. Style is always a fusion," Hermes’ Lemaire said. "I want to shake it all up together."

The collection stuck true to Lemaire’s words. The hues were warm – deep blue, teal, mustard yellow, gray and taupe to name a few. Most of the colors were muted, but orange, purple, indigo and stark white gave the collection a pop. The pieces also touched on every texture – leather, canvas, silk, suede and alligator. The patterns were aplenty – they resembled everything from Pucci, kaleidoscope prints to baroque, to Polynesian florals, reminiscent of Dr. Suess’ The Lorax trees.  

While the clothing may not have been analogous in its colors, prints and patterns one thing was – almost every outfit was paired with matching leather wrist cuffs. And the Hermes runway couldn’t have been complete with the breathtaking, prototypical, minimum $10,000 price tag Birkin bag. The Birkins that the select models toted stayed true to Lemaire’s goal of “shaking it all up together” as they were a mix of colored canvas lined with leather. The bags, similar to some of the pieces’ prints and patterns, resembled modernist, abstract geometric art – a la Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue by artist Piet Mondrian.

The eclectic spring/summer 2013 Hermes designs would have any artist or fashionista begging for more. From leather to canvas, shorts to trench coats and Polynesian florals to modern-contemporary grid prints, the collection was a “fusion” to say the least. Waiting for each model flanked in Hermes was like ripping into a box of chocolates – each similar yet bursting with individual flavor and panache.

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