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Graffiti Covers Louis Vuitton Miami Store

Didi Beck |
October 23, 2012 | 12:08 p.m. PDT

Graphics Editor

Courtesy of Phillip Beck
Courtesy of Phillip Beck
The exterior wall of the Louis Vuitton store on North East 40th Street in Miami has been covered in graffiti—by commission.

Despite initial thoughts of vandalism, the graffiti is part of the new store’s aesthetic.

Louis Vuitton commissioned the graffiti writer Marquis Lewis, also known as RETNA, to create original artwork on the façade of the new store in Miami’s Design District.

The 33-year-old L.A.-based artist used eight gallons of paint in shades of pink, teal and purple to create the watercolor interpretation of the brand’s iconic logo, featuring his signature hybrid alphabet.

RETNA’s alphabet is a unique and complex style inspired by Egyptian, Hebrew and Incan visual writings, as well as ink calligraphy and hieroglyphics. It is almost always featured in his artwork. 

This type of decorating is a first for Louis Vuitton, although the brand has continuously collaborated with artists since its founding in 1854. The brand’s presence in the art world was felt in Miami last year too. Louis Vuitton Art Talk presented Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and SPECTACULU, the non-profit organization in Brazil that educates at-risk youth in fine arts, at the Aventura store.

RETNA tells the Miami Herald, “Using their store’s exterior as a canvas for street art is exceptional and truly inspiring for me as an artist.”

The artist also designed a scarf to be sold in Louis Vuitton stores.


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