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"Gossip Girl's" Top 10 Shocking Moments

Meena Jang |
October 5, 2012 | 3:15 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The Breakfast Club of the Upper East Side is back. (Image courtesy ofThe CW)
The Breakfast Club of the Upper East Side is back. (Image courtesy ofThe CW)

It's been a while since we've heard from the Upper East Side. Has anyone else missed the cat-fights, secret affairs, and scandalous drama that followed each "Gossip Girl" blast? Well, dedicated "Gossip Girl" fans won't have to wait long to hear the buzz about Lonely Boy, Queen B, and the rest of the crew because the sixth and final chapter of the highly addictive show is coming soon! Prepare yourself for another unpredictable season by recalling some of the most shocking moments of "Gossip Girl" from the past five seasons.

1. Chuck, Blair, And A Limo - If you're a "Chair" fan (aren't we all?), you most likely still haven't forgotten the scene that started it all. Feeling frustrated with long-time boyfriend Nate's infatuation with Serena, a distressed Blair seeks an escape with none other than Nate's best friend, Chuck Bass. After a spontaneous night out and unexpected hook-up in the back of a limo, Chuck and Blair go from being bickering friends to bickering lovers. Season one introduces the love line of the show's most dynamic couple.

2. Lily and Rufus's Secret Love Child - The defining moment when Rufus asks Lily "Is it a boy or a girl?" turned the tables around for a lot of viewers in season two. It was shocking enough when we discovered that Rufus was once Lily's old flame, but now a secret child complicates their relationship even more. Rufus discovers two things here: first, he has a son that has been kept hidden from him for years, and second, Lily knew all along. Things get weird as their son meets the family under a different identity - an NYU student, Vanessa's new boyfriend, and Rufus's long-time fan.

3. Georgina's Spiritual Awakening - Georgina Sparks is the girl we all love to hate. But you have to admit, half of the drama and scandals that make up the show wouldn't exist without her evil schemes. In season two, Chuck tracks Georgina down to ask for help with another genius scheme, only to find that she's changed…a lot. The wicked Georgina Sparks - yes, the girl who drugged Serena and made her life a living hell - is now a transformed Christian. Though this transformation is short-lived (she can't stay away from her evil plotting for long), it still deserves a spot on this list as one of the most surprising twists of Gossip Girl.

4. Mother Chucker - Chuck spends almost three seasons trying to solve the mystery behind his mother. In season three, Chuck visits his father's grave on the anniversary of his death and sees Elizabeth Fisher, a mysterious woman at the site holding flowers and a necklace. Chuck becomes convinced that she is his mother, but things take a turn for the worst when he discovers that she is actually a con artist working with Jack Bass to steal Bass Industries. It isn't until season five that we all discover that Diana Payne (Nate's "business" partner) is actually Chuck's biological mother, no evil ploys attached. It's hard to decide which revelation is more shocking. 

5. You Are Not The Father! - Georgina crosses the line from crazy to insane when she shows up on Dan Humphrey's doorstep pregnant, supposedly with his child. When Milo is born, Dan grows a strong attachment to him. Tricked into believing that Milo is his very own son, Dan watches after him and vows to stick by Georgina for the sake of their son. Rufus, who is skeptical of Georgina's intentions from the start, figures out that Dan is not Milo's biological father in season four. Looks like we've all fallen into Georgina's trap once again. Well at least we know one thing: Lonely Boy sure would make a good father. Check out Georgina's pregnancy shocker here.

6. Charlie Rhodes vs. Ivy Dickens - Charlie, Serena's cousin, makes an appearance in season four as a sweet, young girl new to the fabulously corrupt ways of the Upper East Side. The Van Der Woodsens, ecstatic to finally spend time with family, welcome her into their home and introduce her to the high-class world of New York. The shocking twist comes when we realize that Charlie Rhodes is not who she claims to be - her true identity is Ivy Dickens, an aspiring actress and con artist who was hired by Carol Rhodes to impersonate her daughter, in hopes of gaining access to Charlie's trust fund. The real Charlie Rhodes (who is introduced as Lola) meets Ivy Dickens in season five…talk about awkward.

7. Blair's Promise to God - Following the car accident that caused Blair's miscarriage and almost caused Chuck his life, Blair avoids all contact with Chuck. Once runaway lovers who were ready to defy all rules to be together, Chuck and Blair experience a falling out…once again. What caused the sudden change of heart? Blair Waldorf, the queen B of all Upper East Side drama, makes a promise to God - she vows to leave Chuck alone if He spares his life just this once. A recovered Chuck, unaware of the agreement Blair has chosen to stand by, is left heartbroken and more determined than ever to figure out why the love of his life is now running away from him.

8. Wedding Vows - There's no way she would say those two words…right? It's finally time for Louis and Blair's royal wedding, and we're all waiting for it to fall through - Chuck is bound to run through the doors, stop the wedding, and save the day. But even with the efforts of Eleanor Waldorf, Blair's mother, who encourages Chuck to bring an end to the marriage, Blair finds herself uttering those two words that seal the deal with Louis: "I do." And the newlyweds live happily ever after? Not exactly. Louis turns out to be more cruel than he seems. Behind closed doors, Louis makes it clear that their royal marriage is nothing more than a show. Poor B.

9. Bart Bass Returns From The Dead - One of the biggest shockers of Gossip Girl has to be the return of Bart Bass…from the dead. Absent for two seasons, we all believed Bart was truly gone with the announcement of his death. Chuck was finally given the chance to plan the future of Bass Industries and prove his father wrong until…Bart reappears in season five. Wait, what? Looks like the funeral was unnecessary, as Bart is back and ready to take control of Bass Industries once again. Maybe next time Chuck?

10. XOXO, Gossip Girl - The mystery behind the anonymous blogger "gossip girl" has haunted the Upper East Side for years. Georgina has allied with gossip girl, Serena has tried to declare war on gossip girl, and everyone has attempted to uncover gossip girl's true identity. The end of season five hints that this mystery is soon to be solved when Nate discovers CCTV footage of the real gossip girl, shown as a hooded figure, stealing Serena's laptop. Check this moment out here.

Will the real Gossip Girl finally be revealed? Will Chuck and Blair stay together this time? How much more chaos will Georgina cause? Check out the season six promo below and be sure to catch the final season premiere of Gossip Girl on October 8!

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