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Peace Out "The Jersey Shore!" - A Guido Goodbye Letter

Haylee Saathoff |
October 8, 2012 | 12:42 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Image courtesy of MTV)
(Image courtesy of MTV)

Dear cast of “The Jersey Shore”,

Where to even begin? Since you first appeared on air December 3, 2009 you have shocked and intrigued audiences with a look into your lives as “guidos” and “guidettes”. Who could have possibly guessed that a house full of strangers with a common love of partying at the Jersey Shore could start a television and media revolution? Three years and six seasons later, you have managed to gain a following more loyal than most, and national recognition as the on and off camera reality stars of MTV.

There is so much that will be missed about “The Jersey Shore”, but will never be forgotten by true fans. The clever acronyms like GTL (gym, tan, laundry of course) or sayings such as “t-shirt time” or “grenade” have practically been added to dictionary among fans and have kept viewers laughing season after season. One cannot help but miss the antics of the “meatballs”, Deena and Snooki, or the adorable love of Pauly D and Vinny. Whether it be stumbling out of clubs everywhere from New Jersey to Italy or the always entertaining prank wars, or simply Sunday dinner, the unbelievable adventures of the entire cast have always kept us entertained, and after the finale of this final season we will certainly be noticing a large lack of humor on our Thursday nights.

Though “The Jersey Shore” has an extremely loyal following of fans, it is certain that there is one thing no one will miss about the show. What could that possibly be? Ron and Sam fighting of course!

As the show first began three long years ago, Ron and Sam seemed to have done the impossible task of “finding love at the shore”. However, as the seasons progressed viewers got an incessant amount of extreme fights, screaming matches, and more break-ups and make-ups than is possible to account for. So, Ron and Sam, though the viewers wish you the best, I think it is safe to say no one will mind if you deal with your many relationship problems in private, rather than filling an hour of our Thursday nights making us go through them with you.


Your always loyal gorillas and gorillettes

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