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Final Presidential Debate Ends On China And America’s Threats

Max Schwartz |
October 22, 2012 | 8:22 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Governor Romney and President Obama during the final Presidential debate. (Neon Tommy)
Governor Romney and President Obama during the final Presidential debate. (Neon Tommy)
Monday night's presidential debate ended with moderator Bob Schieffer’s final question focused on the rise of China and America’s greatest threat.

President Obama believes terrorists are America’s greatest national security threat. When talking about China, the president said, “We are going to insist China plays by the rules…”

He also explained that this is why he set up a trade task force. Obama said that the United States has filed complaints against China and he said, “…we have won almost every case that has been decided…” Obama also said, "Governor Romney criticized me for being too tough.”

This showed that former Gov. Mitt Romney has changed his message about China. Obama finished his first response with, “Over the long term…we have to make sure we are taking care of business at home…”

Romney said, “nuclear Iran” is the United States’ greatest threat. Romney said, “We can be a partner with China…” during the early portion of his response. 

Romney said, “If I’m president, America will be very strong.”

He also discussed China being a “currency manipulator,” and said China needs to make additional progress. He added that China needs to play by the rules. Toward the end of his response, Romney said, “We have an enormous trade imbalance with China…”

Obama countered with a zinger about Romney’s past involvement with jobs in China, referring to his time at Bain Capital. Obama said, “U.S. exports have doubled…to China.” Later in his response, he added, “We have to absolutely make more progress.”

Obama continued by addressing the military in his response. He said that the United States will be present in the Pacific and that commerce needs to continue.

Romney countered by saying he was not going to hurt the American auto industry and Obama interrupted during that comment. Romney mentioned that he wants to make America competitive and appealing to entrepreneurs. He added that investing in companies is not good. Romney was referring to the government’s investment in electric car companies.

Obama interrupted and stated Romney did say he wanted to hurt the auto industry. Obama then discussed what the choice is between. He also said the country has to move forward and that we cannot go back to the policies like we had before Obama took office.

Romney countered by explaining how Obama policies have not worked and that he wants to make the United States an attractive place, which he said would help grow the economy. Romney said multiple times during the last segment, “I love teachers.”

The last debate of the 2012 presidential election is now in the books. The choice is all yours.


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