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"The Good Wife" Season Four Premiere: Fighting the Law

Keanna Harper |
October 2, 2012 | 5:48 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Julianna Margulies and Matthew Del Negro face off in the season four premiere of "The Good Wife" (Image courtesy of CBS)
Julianna Margulies and Matthew Del Negro face off in the season four premiere of "The Good Wife" (Image courtesy of CBS)

“The Good Wife” returned last night – and the gloves came off.

In the season four opener, “I Fought the Law”, there was a lot of battling. Conflict ensued between Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and an overzealous policeman, Officer Robb (Matthew Del Negro.) While driving home from a college visit, Alicia’s son Zack (Graham Phillips) is pulled over by Officer Robb. What initially seems like a normal, innocent stop soon begins to seem like drug profiling to Alicia, who was sleeping in the backseat while Zack was driving. One thing leads to another – a drug sniffing K9 and Zack recording the incident on his phone – which leads to Zack being hit with a felony charge. 

On Kalinda’s (Archie Panjabi) end, her husband Nick (Marc Warren) returned looking for her. What has occurred in their mysterious past? We don’t know but we know that it ended with Kalinda running off, with Nick’s money. After some intense elevator fighting and a tense bedroom scene, Kalinda made the point - with a gun - that she wanted Nick out of Chicago and out of her life.

Unfortunately for Kalinda, Lockhart/Gardner just took on Nick as a new client. Though Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Christine Baranski) realize that Nick is a seedy character, they also realize that they are $60 million in debt and need all the new clients they can get. The court appointed a trustee to the firm – Clarke Hayden (Nathan Lane) who essentially gets to make decisions for L/G. Clarke begins by trying (unsuccessfully) play Diane and Will against each other. According to Clarke, the firm needs to reduce its staff by 30%.

In the political realm, family values became an essential part of Peter’s (Chris Noth) gubernatorial campaign. While his opponents are using their families to their advantage, Peter and (more so) Alicia decide against using their kids in the campaign. Kristin Chenoweth guest starred as Peggy Byrne, a political reporter who challenged Alicia on Alicia’s relationship with Peter.

In the end, Zach managed to get off without a felony – he also got an apology – due to his father’s involvement in the situation. It became a case of Cook County State’s Attorney [Peter] vs. the Madison County State’s Attorney, with Peter having the upper hand. And to end the episode on a good note, Will’s six month suspension from the law was lifted. A cause for celebration at L/G!

The first of many questions for the season were posed in this episode: What will happen with Kalinda and Nick? Will Alicia and Peter truly work things out? Who will be let go by the firm?  The answers to come, hopefully sooner than later on “The Good Wife.” Can’t wait for next week’s episode, Sunday at 9pm on CBS!

Check out all the greatness to come in Season 4 below.

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