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Fact-Checking The Debate

Aaron Liu |
October 3, 2012 | 8:26 p.m. PDT

Assistant News Editor

Will Obama's healthcare plan allow people to keep their pre-existing plans? (Source: C-SPAN)
Will Obama's healthcare plan allow people to keep their pre-existing plans? (Source: C-SPAN)
Obama will cut $2.50 for every dollar gained in revenue.


Such math includes cuts already enacted by congress. Take those away “and Obama's $2.50/$1 ratio of spending cuts to tax increases shifts significantly more in the direction of tax increases.” (source: AP)

Obama said that his healthcare plan would let people keep their pre-existing plan:


From Factcheck.org

The CBO has estimated that at least a few million Americans with employer-based insurance will in fact not be able to keep their current plans, and there’s nothing in the law that would prohibit employers from switching health care plans, just as they could before the law was passed.

Obama claimed that Mitt Romney would cut taxes for the wealthy by $5 trillion:


No free money here: Romney will eliminate deductions. (source: CNN, on TV)

Romney’s denied that his tax cuts would add $5 trillion to the deficit:

VERDICT: Impossible to find out.

Actually, Romney hasn’t gone over specifics over his tax plans. (source: CNN, on TV)

Romney accused Obama of doubling the deficit during his tenure:


Obama inherited a $1.2 trillion deficit. It now stands at $1.4 trillion. Do the math. (source: Factcheck.org)

Romney said that Obama’s healthcare plan would leave medical decisions in the hands of an “unelected board:”


He’s right about the board, but not about what the board will do. The board will not be able to ration medical care. (source: AP)


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