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Apple-Samsung Legal Battles Continue

Derek Belle |
October 19, 2012 | 1:47 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Dan Dudek-Corrigan/Creative Commons)
(Dan Dudek-Corrigan/Creative Commons)
Earlier this year, Apple lost its suit against Samsung for infringement on its design patents in the U.K.  The reasoning behind this ruling was that Samsung’s smart phones and tablets are “not as cool” as their Apple counterparts and the punishment handed down by the High Court in London was for Apple to publicly apologize to Samsung. 

Apple appealed the decision, but on Wednesday, a panel of three judges upheld the ruling, meaning Apple must run ads saying that Samsung did not infringe on its designs and post a link to the judgment on its website's home page for one month.

With the judgment now set and Apple’s punishment eminent, this raises one new question: Is the corporate quarreling over?  The answer is no. 

Apple and Samsung are currently engaged in legal disputes all over the world about a multitude of things.  This ruling only applies in Europe.

On the Apple home front, the battle is far from over.  Apple was recently successful in the jury trial against Samsung, and was awarded $1.049 billion for infringement on iPhone patents.

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 This means, according to Columbia Law Professor Harold Edgar, an expert in intellectual property, that “the next issues will be before the Federal Appeals Court in Washington.” 

Edgar added he does not believe Apple will seek Supreme Court intervention to appeal their recent loss.

"It is very unlikely that the Supreme Court would hear such a case,” he said.


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