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Jerry Brown Says He'll Ensure Prop 30 Money Goes For Education

Xueqiao Ma |
October 23, 2012 | 12:20 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Via Villaraigosa's Twitter)
(Via Villaraigosa's Twitter)

(Xueqiao Ma/Neon Tommy)
(Xueqiao Ma/Neon Tommy)
The morning after voter registration closed in California, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined Gov. Jerry Brown's "Yes on 30" group to rally with teachers and some civic leaders outside an Inglewood school.

"Nov 6. in California will be an opportunity to provide a critical support to our public schools," Villaraigosa said about the importance of Proposition 30 to a crowd of students and teachers.

This is the fifth stop that the governor spoke at for supporting Proposition 30 since a rally last Tuesday at the UCLA campus.

Proposition 30, supported by the University of California system and the trustees of the California State University system, would result in increased tuition at public colleges and fewer school days at public K-12 schools, state leaders have said. Prop 30, which would raise the sales tax in California --as well as the income tax people make more than $250,000 pay, needs more than 50 percent support to pass.

"The schools need this money, and those who will be paying the income tax are making millions, sometimes hundred millions of dollars a year, and I believe they can give back just a little bit," Brown said. " ….This money is going to schools….I will be there through the next two years to make sure this money goes exactly towards its intent," Brown said.

Prop 30 is competing with Prop 38, a measure that would increase personal income tax starting at $7,316 annual income from a 2 percent tax to 2.4 percent and extending to individuals earning $2.5 million annual income from a 9.3 percent tax to 11.5 percent.

"I support Prop 30 rather than Prop 38 because if 30 is not passed, then the budget cuts automatically happen in January. 30 is only one, the only proposition that stops cuts in January," said Arielle Zurzolo, a teacher union president.

In the recent polls, Proposition 30 registers the bare minimum support needed to pass. Propostion 38 is trailing with just 42 percent support in polls.

Brown campaigned in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley for his ballot initiative to raise taxes this morning and said that his initiative is not a "shell game" aimed at funding non-education programs. He will continue to focus on Latino outreach, beginning in Inglewood. From there, it's on to events in San Diego, Bakersfield and Fresno.

One business owner explains why he thinks the state is asking for too much in this ATVN report below:

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Appeaing on Good Day L.A., Brown explained why the measure's effect won't be that much and why he can't make anymore cuts to the budget:

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