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Documentary Screening Of PBS' "Race 2012"

Ashley Riegle |
October 12, 2012 | 6:36 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Scene from PBS documentary "Race 2012" (Photo Courtesy of PBS)
Scene from PBS documentary "Race 2012" (Photo Courtesy of PBS)
Thursday evening, Annenberg students and faculty gathered for a premiere showing of the new PBS documentary, "Race 2012". 

Directed and produced by Phillip Rodriguez, "Race 2012" explores the complex issues related to race and politics in the United States through history and today. The film is framed within the context of a rapidly changing racial breakdown of Americans, a landscape in which Caucasians are increasingly becoming a minority.

"Race 2012" also examines how the two major political parties in the U.S. engage with specific racial and ethnic communities, particularly African Americans, Asian Americans and Latino Americans. Controversial political topics, including immigration, are most certainly addressed in this documentary film. 

"Race 2012" is part of PBS' 2012 election coverage. Like the majority of programs on PBS, it is a non-partisan film that relies more on statistics and input from academics and analysts than personal opinion.

A moving documentary, "Race 2012" forces the audience to think about the relevance of race in society and how race demographics are changing America. It is extremely timely in that it examines tactics by President Obama and Mitt Romney to attract minority voters in advance of November 6.

Following the film screening, Rodriguez participated in a Q + A with Annenberg professor, Judy Muller. Rodriguez was asked several questions from the audience and participated in a lively discussion about the origins of his film and themes he discovered along the way. When asked why he did not include the plight of Middle Eastern Americans in the film, Rodriguez said he would have liked to, but was limited by budget and time constraints. He said if he goes on to make another installment, he absolutely hopes to include the Middle Eastern American experience. 

"Race 2012" will debut on PBS stations Tuesday, October 16 and re-air Thursday, October 18. To see your local listings, click here.

To preview "Race 2012", check out the trailer below.

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