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5 Best Boutiques In Silver Lake

Chloe Lauter |
October 11, 2012 | 11:16 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


via Pinterest
via Pinterest
Silver Lake is one of my favorite neighborhoods in L.A. because what it comes down to is coffee. Silver Lake is full of really good coffee. And everyone knows that coffee attracts hipsters, and hipsters attract cute independent boutiques, vintage stores and niche-market scented candles. Here are some of the best boutiques in the neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, a number of them are really close to a coffee shop.

Stocked with local labels and staffed by some of the friendlist people out there, Pull My Daisy is my favorite spot to browse in Silver Lake. Check out the adorable sundresses and funky jewelry or ask the person behind the counter to pick something they think you'd like. Their recommendations are always spot-on. Plus, Pull My Daisy is about a block from Intelligentsia, so you're set for that post-shopping caffeine fix and hipster-watching.
If there's one thing in Silver Lake bigger than the boutiques, it's the coffee. L. Bazaar has both of those covered. Sip an orange mocha at Lamill, the connected coffee shop, pick up a bag or two of coffee to take home (it's some of the best in town) and head next door to L. Bazaar for prettily packaged candles and lotions, sweet local accessories and quirky home goods. Be prepared to find things you never knew you needed. Handmade peppermint flavored marshmallows anyone?
Another boutique connected to a cafe, Hot Mess Vintage is perfect for taking a break. Studying for midterms? Get out of the library and head to Hot Mess to grab a coffee and enjoy their outdoor patio and ever-changing local art. And of course there are vintage clothes. The prices are low compared to the usual L.A. vintage fare and the selection isn't as picked over as you'd imagine, given that Silverlake is the hipster center of the universe. The staff is very sweet and helpful even if you don't dress like a starving artist.
Billed as an apothecary, Le Pink is, well, pink. If you're female, you'll want to buy every color of vegan nail polish in the store and a hand-dyed scarf to match. If you're male, proceed with caution. They have an entire wall of scented candles. 
If you're on a budget, avoid Eileen. The store is stocked with unique, well-priced options for clothes, accessories and jewelry. If you have a special occasion coming up, just ask the owner for recommendations. She has fantastic taste and isn't pushy at all. Just beware, you'll probably end up buying
the entire outfit.
Happy shopping! What are your favorite boutiques around Silver Lake? Let Neon Tommy know in the comments below.
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