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"30 Rock" Season 7 Premiere Recap

Seher Chawla |
October 5, 2012 | 3:30 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Looks like someone didn't take the news of this being "30 Rock's" last season well... "30 Rock", NBC Thursdays at 8 (Image courtesy of NBC)
Looks like someone didn't take the news of this being "30 Rock's" last season well... "30 Rock", NBC Thursdays at 8 (Image courtesy of NBC)

"30 Rock" is coming to an end! The first episode of season 7, called "The Beginning of the End" aired on October 4. After a successful sixth season, the characters are back with new shenanigans. Jenna Maroney is getting married and assigns Liz Lemon to be her bridesmaid and throw her a bachelorette party. Jack too, is facing problems of his own. Hank Hooper is retiring with the wish that Kabletown remains within his family ... time is running out for Jack to make it to CEO level. So, he embraces the tanking philosophy. He starts creating horrible shows to make NBC incur huge losses in an attempt to prove to Hooper that he should let the company go. Liz, realising what Jack is doing, decides to use this to get out of being Jenna's bridesmaid. She throws her a surprise bachelorette party with a bunch of old people and a cop. This makes Jenna extremely sad but Liz convinces her that a better option would be for her to be her own bridesmaid. The idea of no one stealing the spotlight from her appeals to Jenna and she is in high spirits again. (Oh, Jenna!)

On an unrelated note, Kenneth and Hazel have been living together for a few months and haven't even reached second base! (which is sharing a yogurt, by the way). However, lately they have been having problems socializing so Tracy Jordan agrees to come to dinner to their house. During the dinner, Hazel tries to seduce Tracy and asks for the role of a white villian in his new movie. Tracy (who loves his wife, but does not know why she has been in the hospital for a week), refuses and tells Kenneth about Tracy's antics. Kenneth's way of handling it? A big hug. Let that be a lesson to you all - when in doubt, hug it out.

All in all, season 7 seems to have begun with a lot of laughs and hopefully Liz will give the last season her best shot! Matthew Broderick has been confirmed to return as his second season character Cooter Burger, but there is a whole lot of speculation about what other famous faces we might see in the next 13 weeks. (Bryan Cranston, anyone?!!) Who are you hoping for?

Frank's cap quote in the episode- Brain Masala

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