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"30 Rock": Governor Dunston Recap

Seher Chawla |
October 12, 2012 | 4:29 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Kenneth's parenst come to visit and are smitten by Jenna's stardom (Image Courtesy of NBC)
Kenneth's parenst come to visit and are smitten by Jenna's stardom (Image Courtesy of NBC)

The second episode of "30 Rock's" seventh season aired on October 11 and, as expected, was centered around the Vice-Presidential debate. In "30 Rock's" version of America, Paul Ryan is replaced by Governor Bob Dunston (who happens to look exactly like The Girlie Show's star, Tracy Jordan). Upon discovering this similarity, Liz Lemon decided to use it as an idea for one of the sketches on the show. However, Jack Donaghy, still attempting to tank NBC, warned her against using any Presidential debate matter in the content of the show so that people lose interest in it. His plan seems to have been working up until now, as NBC's ratings have been steadily decreasing. 

Although Liz usually takes Jack's advice seriously, this time she had a few issues of her own that deterred her from accepting Jack's opinions. Liz and Criss had been trying to have a baby, but with no success as Liz's libido was hitting an all-time low. To make things more interesting, Criss tried to make special advances but all of them were turned down by Lemon. However, once Jack extended the timings to air five days a week, Lemon discovered what turns her on the most- organization. This is shocking and completely new to the interpretation of her character, who typically thrives in chaos and disarray. With her work load more than doubled, Liz must schedule everything and follow set timings, which she realized was the missing component in her sex life. Throughout this discovery, she also burst into random dialogues in German, rendering her character more quirky than usual.

With the ever-increasing work on her shoulders and time scheduling done for every week of the month, Liz's life was all smiles and rainbows, but was interrupted by Jack, who now wanted her to change the sketches to include Tracy's Dunston impressions as it was making him more likeable, and might increase the chances of the Republicans winning the election. Relying on this information given to him by Cooter, Jack decided to put his beloved party above his career and air the Dunston sketches.

In an alternate universe, Kenneth's mom and her 'friend' who later turns out to be her new husband, Ron, came to visit Kenneth and were smitten by Jenna and her celebrity status. Upon learning that Ron writes songs, Jenna asked him to sing one of them to her so she could copy it, but ended up telling him that his song was so bad that he should kill himself. A disgraced Ron was saved by Kenneth's declaration that he is a part of his family and Jenna is not allowed to be mean to him.

Frank's Cap Quotes (yes, he wears two in this episode): Free Zits and Punch Ball

This season sees a lot of importance given to Kenneth, from his love life in the first episode, to his outlandish parents. Do you think Kenneth is going to be the new star of "30 Rock"? Let us know!

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