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"30 Rock" Episode 4: 'Unwindulax' Recap

Seher Chawla |
October 26, 2012 | 4:05 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Jenna Maroney singing Unwindulax-ingly to her crowd of adoring fans. (NBC)
Jenna Maroney singing Unwindulax-ingly to her crowd of adoring fans. (NBC)

This week's episode of "30 Rock" continued addressing the Presidential debate, and ended with the promise of more election-based comedy in the next episode. Oh, yay!

The episode opened with Jack asking Liz to attend a Republican lunch with him when his Mexican girlfriend cancels. However, he warns her to keep her opinions to herself and be his chum, adhering to his conservative ideas. Lemon, lured by the idea of unlimited food, agrees and goes with him. Even though she does a good job of keeping up the act initially, she bursts into a liberal speech halfway through the luncheon, criticising the executives' perceptions of homeosexuality and women. Check out Liz's rant below. 

Her plan miserably backfired when Jack concluded her speech by declaring that this is what they're up against and the true meaning of 'chum' is revealed to Liz. Angered by this betrayal and her use as bait for Jack's plan, she decided to use her air time on TGS to make a liberal Obama-supporting statement. At the same time, Jack strategized with Garrett Romney on how to help his father get more votes. They decide that they need to win the votes of the African American population, and engineer an advertisement to encourage people to vote for Romney by bribing them with money. This supports Jack's idea that rich people can change the world, and that the government should be allowed to manipulate them to use their money in certain ways.

Channeling his expertise about the population of America, Tracy decided to help Liz analyze how to help Obama win the election. Both Liz and Jack realize that the election decision is down to northern Florida, where people only want to lay on the beach and drink. This brings us to Unwindulax, the motto of the lazy Floridians.

Ever since Jenna sang 'I Caught Crabs', the people of northern Florida have been smitten by her and have adopted the tagline 'Unwindulax', a combination of unwind and relax. They call themselves crab-catchers and are visiting New York to support Jenna on the "Today Show". They decided to visit the TGS set, causing Jenna to realize that she must follow her own Unwindulax principle if she wants to keep her fans. This required her to let go of her prima donna attitude, and she was taken advantage of by Toofer, Frank and Pete.

The plot thickens when both Liz and Jack realized that the next President of America will not be chosen by the ideas vs cash debate, but by TGS star Jenna Maroney. The episode ends with a 'to be continued' catch phrase by Kenneth, who did not get much attention in this episode.

Frank's cap quotes: 'Semi-Legal' and 'Lice-Owner'

Catch 30 Rock next week on Thursday 8/7c on NBC to see who Jenna chooses!

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