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"2 Broke Girls" And The Pearl Necklace Recap

Seher Chawla |
October 1, 2012 | 11:48 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Girl - pearls = a whole lotta craziness ready to unfurl. "2 Broke Girls" CBS Mondays at 9 (Image courtesy of CBS)
Girl - pearls = a whole lotta craziness ready to unfurl. "2 Broke Girls" CBS Mondays at 9 (Image courtesy of CBS)
This week's second episode makes up for what the premiere lacked in content and comedy. The episode starts with Max going up to a group of girls and saying, "Hi, I'm going to be your waitress because my mother decided to drink." And remember how they forgot about Martha Stewart in the season premiere? They mention her this time, though she isn't featured in the show. 

The girls are waiting for Martha's call about their cupcakes but find out that Sprinkles is introducing vending machines in the city which will jeopardize their future cupcake business. While Max is in a frenzy of sarcastic comments, Caroline is optimistic because of her lucky pearl necklace. However, it breaks and the pearls are shattered, leaving her feeling sad and disappointed about their business.

After not hearing from Martha for a while, the girls give in to their desire to go to her office and personally meet her, but are sent back by her assistant who eats one of the cupcakes and breaks her tooth because a pearl from the necklace had slipped into it.

After spray painting the Sprinkles vending machine in the office lobby, the girls run out and see Martha Stewart but before they can reach her, the cupcakes fly out of Max's hands and she falls on the road but is uninjured.Cute as they are, the girls decide that this must be luck and that it does, in fact, exist.

Later, when the girls are counting their tips from the day Caroline reveals that the reason she thought the neklace was lucky was because she was wearing it the day that she met Max, resulting in an awww moment.

On a completely unrelated note, Oleg wants to be exclusive with Sophie but she repeatedly rejects him until he finds another Polish woman to replace her. She then drives her away and claims her man. Good job, Sophie! Han too has a role to play in this episode where he tries to introduce new technology to the diner by making things electronic but fails to do so.

Current Total: $877

Check out all the hijinks and hilarity coming in the second season of "2 Broke Girls" below.

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