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Transit Diaries: Three Dozen Riders Sound Off On The Good And Bad Of Los Angeles' Trains And Buses

Neon Tommy Reporters |
September 17, 2012 | 10:39 p.m. PDT

A team of Neon Tommy reporters spent some time earlier this month riding the Expo, Red, Blue and Gold lines in Los Angeles County. They also hopped aboard the congested 720 Bus that runs along Wilshire Boulevard from downtown L.A. to Santa Monica.

They found  that people are mostly pleased with Metro service. Most riders, of course,  see plenty of room for improvement. But they are resigned and appreciative of the status quo. We've highlighted some of their thoughts in this interactive map. Click on push-pins for more details.

This mini-survey of Los Angeles County tranist users provides insights into what train riders especially like about public transit--its low cost--and what they don't--lack of police officers, dirty trains, creepy people and late/infrequent trains.

Contributing reporters include Melissah Yang, Denise Guerra, Emmanuel Martinez, Aaron Hagstrom, Ashley Riegle, Mike Piellucci, Susy Guerrero, Matt Hamilton, Angelina Velasquez, Chrystal Li, Heather Navarro, Danielle Tarasiuk, Law Murray, Grace Lim, Shunqi Lin, Byron Tseng, Kelli Shiroma, Brianna Sacks, Kaysie Ellingson, Meng Meng, Courtney Fowler, Evie Liu, Katherine Davis, Graham Clark, Astrid Solorzano, Chhaya Nene and Jen Nowell. Stories compiled by Paresh Dave.

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