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Packers-Seahawks: NFL Finally Got What It Had Coming

Evan Budrovich |
September 24, 2012 | 10:16 p.m. PDT

Staff Writer

In Monday night’s game-ending fiasco between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, the replacement referees finally did what every fan in America was afraid of: blow the outcome of an NFL game.

Before this incident, bad calls such as granting teams extra timeouts, missing late hits and harsh pass interference calls were considered just part of the game. But after watching Monday night’s debacle on the final play, and most of the fourth quarter for that matter, the madness must end.

On the final play, M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate jumped for the ball in the end zone. Jennings clearly had possession of the ball, with his body wrapped tightly around the ball. Tate entered the play by placing one of his arms on top of Jennings to pin the ball down.

After a long tussle, two referees, or most likely in two weeks car salesmen or real estate agents, ran over to make the final call of the game. One official called interception while the other simultaneously signaled touchdown. While the Seattle faithful cried out in joy after hearing the call for victory, Mike McCarthy’s club walked off the field in disbelief and confusion about the lack of authority on the call.

In the ESPN broadcast booth, Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden switched from commentators to fans, and simply showed disgust about the confusion and hideous call. Finally the official returned from the replay booth, because all scoring plays must be reviewed, and signaled touchdown.

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This ended the game except for a meaningless extra point, in which the NFL had to drag the Packers back out to defend the Seahawks' attempt. The game should not have ended this way and many Packer fans and NFL fans should be disappointed.

The worst part of it all is that before the phantom catch, Tate clearly pushes off a Green Bay defender, which should have been called offensive pass interference, but I digress.

I do give both teams credit for treating the situation with class and integrity, especially Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Here are some examples from just this past weekend that signify the lack of authority and understanding of the game these NFL officials posses.

Where better to start than the previous night before, where the Ravens were granted two phantom pass interference penalties to drive against the New England Patriots to win the game? Bill Belichick was caught on camera, pulling the head referee to no avail.

If that was not enough, on the same day, a 15-yard penalty by Tennessee was completely mismarked, giving Detroit ample field position.

The Redskins were forced into a third and 50 by a ridiculous unsportsmanlike penalty that was commited by their opponent the Cincinnati Bengals. Also, Drew Brees came out and ripped the NFL officials on Monday for their calls in the Saints-Chiefs game.

Earlier that day, the referees granted Jim Harbaugh two extra timeouts to throw challenge flags; the 49ers won each. Although it did not affect the game, fans were outraged about the mismanagement of the game.

Let’s not forget in Week 1, when the same Seattle Seahawks were granted an extra timeout against the Arizona Cardinals on their final drive.

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I could continue, but the point is the league continued to play off these mistakes as growing pains that could be overcome with experience and time. I was on board with this idea, because I figured the shield of the NFL could take a few PR hits assuming the refs didn’t make an insanely bad call.

Well, NFL, you finally got what you had coming due to your ignorance to reach a collective bargaining agreement over a simple retirement fund, that is mere chump change to the league. I know that the league wanted to stand its ground but Monday night’s events have tipped the scales in the negative direction for the NFL, who now cannot win from this situation.

If you are an NFL Player, how can you stand to play an NFL game in Week 4? 

All I have left to say is that I was patient at the beginning and now is the time for the NFL to give in to the officials and get the zebras back on the field for Thursday Night's game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns.


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