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Obama's Colorado Speech Inspires One Man To Join Campaign

Jen Nowell |
September 13, 2012 | 10:16 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


President Barack Obama's speech on Thursday in Golden, Colo. provided resident Andrew Schmidt the motivation he needed to volunteer for the campaign.

"It was great to have him (Obama) in our hometown," said Schmidt, a 32-year-old attorney and registered indendent. 

Schmidt said he is a "big supporter" of the president, and he had always planned to volunteer, but this speech provided that last push he needed. 

During the speech, Obama said he believes that if he gets Colorado's vote, he will win the election, which Schmidt said he agrees with. 

Colorado is considered a swing state, and Thursday's appearance marked the ninth time Obama has visited the state this year. 

Obama also addressed the recent killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, which Schmidt said was a heartfelt thing for him to say. 

Schmidt said he is not impressed with Mitt Romney.

"He (Romney) doesn't seem to have any clue about foreign affairs," he said, especially after his comments toward the Obama administration after the ambassador's death. 

Romney seems to say whatever is needed to win the election, and his tax-cut ideas have been tried before and failed, Schmidt said. 

Brian Quarnstrom, a real estate broker and owner of the Coffee News publication in Golden, called Obama's speech "impressive." 

Obama addressed the economy and tax cuts, which is what people wanted to hear, Quarnstrom said. The speech was "very well-attended by a passionate crowd," he said. 

Quarnstrom said he will be voting for Obama in November, but only because he is "the lesser of two evils, which is not a ringing endorsement."

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