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Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2013 Brings Kitschy Fun To London

Chloe Lauter |
September 18, 2012 | 9:21 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Meadham Kirchoff brought a saccharine excess to the runway, but, as usual, it was anything but cutesy. The Spring 2013 collection, titled “A

photo via @id_magazine
photo via @id_magazine
Cautionary Tale”, was an over-the-top girly mashup of bows, lace, feathers, and all manner of shiny embellishments. The models’ faces were kept fresh and rosy and their hair was messily pulled back, allowing the clothes to speak for themselves.

And speak they certainly did. Knee-high socks and costume jewelry added just enough kitsch to a collection of outrageously fun pieces complete with loud prints, huge bows and exaggerated ruffles. And who but Meadham Kirchoff would be bold enough to send Minnie Mouse graphic tees and skirts over skinny pants down the runway?

The show’s final look, a scarlet and cobalt long-sleeve top, tulle skirt and skinny pants, all entirely covered in crystals, was enough to make every fashionista in London run for her bedazzler. It’s not easy to make costume jewelry look classy, much less an entire outfit of it, but Meadham Kirchoff was more than up for the challenge. Get those hot glue guns ready, ladies.

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