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Mitt Romney's Visit To Fairfax, Virginia Quiet For One Restaurant

Kaysie Ellingson |
September 13, 2012 | 10:22 p.m. PDT


Mitt Romney held a rally in Fairfax, VA on Thursday morning in order to gain support for his campaign as the Republican presidential candidate. During the rally, Romney took the opportunity to speak on foreign policy following the recent attack in Libya and the death of four U.S. citizens.  While the newspapers have boldly highlighted the presidential election, one local man did not feel Romney’s presence in his town as much as expected.

According to Andrea Pace, chef at Villa Mozart, a nearby restaurant, he only felt Romney’s presence in the traffic and lack of parking around the town.

“No one was in the restaurant today,” he said. Pace recalled that when his town had received other “big name” visitors in the past the traffic was bad, there was no parking and there were more people in his restaurant. Thursday did not fallow this precedent.

“Today at the restaurant was like any other day,” he said, “Not many people.” Villa Mozart resides about five minutes from Van Dyke Park, where Romney held his rally. 

As Pace explained, when Fairfax receives visitors, there is a general buzz around town. Unlike people in his area, Pace does not like to talk about the these guests.

“Whenever someone comes to town, I’m not talking about them,” he said.

The subject of political views is a personal one to Pace, he does not know the general consensus among his town regarding the election, and he chooses not to share his with others. 

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