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Leona Lewis, Taio Cruz and…One Direction?: Music Video Roundup

Mara Hyman |
September 23, 2012 | 11:27 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Each week, writer Mara Hyman takes a look at the buzzworthy short films coming from the music video universe.

Leona Lewis – "Trouble"

Leona Lewis is back with a powerful ballad called “Trouble” whose music video premiered on September 14. The song and lyrics are moving and describe the troubles of a chaotic, abusive relationship. The music video plays out a series of scenes including happy memories with her leading man in the video. The image of Leona with her back to a movie screen playing out parts of her past are a really interesting visual choice as well. Overall, the song is a unique and interesting choice as her first single off of her upcoming album, “Glassheart.”

Taio Cruz – "Fast Car"

Taio Cruz’s newest single, “Fast Car,” is very fast-paced and energetic, matching the title and lyrics of the song well. The song is upbeat and has a techno, club mix vibe. The video uses color in an interesting way to differentiate the different settings, such as a blue tint in the club and when he sings outside, and a yellow tint for the drag race scene. I really liked the effect of the fog and brushed-up sand surrounding Cruz as a motorcycle circled him and the bright lights of a car on him.

One Direction – "Live While We’re Young"

Coming off of the extreme popularity of “What Makes You Beautiful,” One Direction comes back with their newest single, “Live While We’re Young.” The video is very carefree as the boys have fun camping in the beginning and partying with their friends at the end. Personally I think the song is catchy, but doesn’t quite meet the hype of “What Makes You Beautiful” or “One Thing.” What are your thoughts on the video which just aired last week? Are you a Directioner or are you tired of their music already?

Nelly Furtado – "Parking Lot"

So many songs about cars! Nelly Furtado is back with her latest single, “Parking Lot.” The song has a catchy beat, but in my opinion it lacks in vocal ability and doesn’t show off much of Nelly’s range because a lot of the song is talk-singing. Nevertheless, the video is really eye-catching with cool effects. The car lights stand out the most in this video and bring the song to life, while it may be lacking. What do you think about Nelly Furtado’s return? Do you miss her older music?

Gotye – "Giving Me a Chance"

Gotye’s newest single, “Giving Me a Chance,” is very calming yet at the same time a cry for redemption to have his ex give him another chance, almost a response to “Somebody That I Used to Know.” The lyrics may have streamed better with a more powerful, vulnerable-sounding melody, but the song is very peaceful and relaxing. The music video is a story filled with artistic 2-D animation and is creative and pretty abstract. The video has some similarities to the painted canvas in the video for “Somebody That I Used to Know,” but this time around Gotye isn’t present singing. Throughout the video each object is morphed into the next, and towards the end there is even a cool kaleidoscope effect. Are the song and video too abstract or are they an interesting transition from the mega-hit of “Somebody That I Used to Know?” 

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