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Katzinger's Deli Success Is Business As Usual During The Recession

Brianna Sacks |
September 14, 2012 | 10:17 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Creative Commons).
(Creative Commons).

Business is booming for Katzinger's deli in Columbus, Ohio, but that's nothing out of the ordinary - the city's economy is one of the strongest in the country, and one resident explains why.

Katzinger's, a neighborhood staple, is celebrating its 28th year in Columbus this October. Michelle Johnson has worked at the deli for 12 years and said, "[Katzinger's] has had some phenomenal sales." But Johnson knows that is not the case for most of the country.

"Luckily the economy is ok here. Even though people are suffering, central Ohio has been insulated from the extreme foreclosures, unlike Florida, Nevada, Illinois and other states," Johnson said.

Johnson said Ohio University keeps Columbus' economy stable.

"Ohio State University is the largest employer in Columbus," she said. Ohio State is the fifth largest employer in the state, with Wal-Mart, Inc. ranking first.  

Johnson added the state capital's location also has a key role in Columbus' steady economy - government jobs provide the greatest single source of employment in Ohio.

But Johnson has yet to decide who will fix the other parts of the country. She is one of those prized independents both candidates are working hard to win over. However, she has barely followed the election and "only watched the convention highlights on TV."

"I am leaning towards Obama," she said. "I am uncomfortable with Romney's platform concerning women's general issues, not just about birth control. And I support Obama's policy in regards to Obama Care."

With family in England, Johnson has a favorable opinion towards socialized health care and believes America will benefit.

"My aunt was in the hospital for a month and no one did a death screen on her," she said. "Socialized health care works there. There is a big difference in not having to worry about immediately going bankrupt when you get out."

Johnson knows that her state also plays an important role in the election. In fact, she lightheartedly complained that she has been incessantly reminded.

"Ohio is considered a make-it-or-break-it state. We get ads years in advance and they don't let up," she said. "I want it to be Nov. 8, so that on Nov. 9 the ads will be over."

Unaware of Romney's visit to her state, Johnson commented, "It seems like somebody is here once a week, a revolving door so I don't really notice anymore."

Johnson did not feel comfortable disclosing if she voted for Obama in 2008.


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