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Colo. Cafe Cooks Something Special For President Obama's Visit

Katherine Davis |
September 13, 2012 | 11:20 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Logo of the Windy Saddle (Courtesy the Windy Saddle)
Logo of the Windy Saddle (Courtesy the Windy Saddle)

Brett Wieber, owner of the Windy Saddle Cafe in Golden, Colo. has something special on the menu today.

"It was brought to our attention that [President Barack Obama] is a big fan of Chili and Buttermilk pie so, being a cafe, we just made chili and buttermilk pie," Wieber said, "we'd love to have him at the cafe."

Even if Obama does not drop in on the Windy Saddle today, a lot of his supporters probably will. The Windy Saddle is just a half-mile from Lions Park in Downtown Golden, where Obama is scheduled to speak today.

Colorado is an important swing state, and though Obama won the state's votes in the 2008 election, he is still campaigning heavily there this year. He visited the state as recently as Aug. 28.  

"I think in Colorado in general and in Jefferson County it's pretty split,” Wieber said, “but I think Golden specifically tends to be a little more progressive, so I think [Obama] is at home here in Golden.”

Obama would definitely be at home at the Windy Saddle where the economy is an important issue. The café opened in 2007, just before the recession began, and recently celebrated its five-year anniversary. Still, Wieber said, small businesses need more help from the government.

“We're blasted by taxes from every government agency, from county's to city's to state's and federal government's—it gets overwhelming. So I think neither candidate is really addressing the needs of small businesses as best they can, but overall, being a middle-income household I would rather see President Obama's tax plan in place than Mitt Romney's.”

Golden, is most famous as the home of the Coors Brewing Co., and when asked which candidate he would rather share a Coors with, Wieber said that Obama would definitely be his choice, laughing, “that would be fun.” Even if there is not time for beer today, Wieber is hoping that the President might just have time to sit down with him for a bowl of chili.


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