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Foods That Will Get Rid of Your Nasty Cold

Bo Chan |
September 21, 2012 | 12:56 a.m. PDT

Contributing Writer

Avoid having to stay in bed this flu season by eating the right foods. (Shawn Carpenter/Flickr)
Avoid having to stay in bed this flu season by eating the right foods. (Shawn Carpenter/Flickr)

Now that Fall is finally here, the sneezes, coughs and the dreaded sounds of disgusting phlegmy voices has finally fallen upon us. 

I’ve been cheering on my immune system the last couple of days as it fought to ward off whatever cold or flu viruses and bacteria that have been craving to take over my body.  Cheering doesn’t really help. However, eating certain foods will do the trick. 

Here are a few easy (and delicious) home remedies to finally help kick that cold to the curb, as well as one common misconception of a cold curing food. 

Dr. Lisa Hark, a nutritionist and lifestyle expert, suggests drinking tea with honey. This mixture is bound to help with sore throats and bacterial infections. Not to mention, warm liquids can also help to sooth that irritating scratchy feeling.  

Soup is also a fantastic food to turn to while suffering from a cold. Studies have shown that soup, especially chicken noodle soup, can help reduce inflammation while boosting recovery.  

According to Ilyse Schapiro, a renowned dietitian based in New York, adding more protein in your diet will also assist in ditching that unwanted cold. Lean proteins such as fish, turkey and chicken can help strengthen the organs in charge of creating cold-fighting white blood cells. 

I’ve always thought that orange juice was a go-to remedy for colds. After all, how can all that Vitamin C not be helpful at all? Well, all that added sugar in juice is actually harming the body. These extra sugars impede in the ability of white blood cells to fight off a cold. 

Be sure to stock up on these nutrient rich products and share with us the kinds of foods that have worked wonders for you. 

Read more in Sarah Klein's "The Best and Worst Foods for a Cold" for the Huffington Post. 
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