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Bill Clinton Comes After Clint Eastwood: DNC 2012

Graham Clark |
September 6, 2012 | 3:34 p.m. PDT

Staff Cartoonist

The address made by former President Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday was so pocketed by improvisatory rhetoric it ended up taking twice as long as accounted for by the official DNC schedule.

Over the course of his cordial string of assertions, ruminations and ejaculations, the former president gabbed on such matters as the Bush presidencies, adversities faced by Obama’s administration, and his rich vault of personal experiences. He voiced thoughts on financial matters, including the state of the auto industry, and admired Obama’s propriety in marrying an orator as deft as Michelle. Whatever the subject at hand, Clinton kept his audience hanging on his every word, dangling from his lips like a metaphorical tenor sax.

While they’re similar in namesake, Clinton’s performance onstage couldn’t have differed more from the speech made by Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention. As election day nears, it will grow increasingly clear which of these two takes on Obama’s presidency resonates with voters.

Graham Clark/Neon Tommy
Graham Clark/Neon Tommy

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