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Baskin-Robbins Takes A Crack At Ice Cream Nachos

Kelli Shiroma |
September 17, 2012 | 8:45 a.m. PDT

Contributing Writer

Courtesy of Baskin-Robbins
Courtesy of Baskin-Robbins

The term “nachos” no longer applies to just chips and dip. Not anymore.

On Sept. 4, Baskin-Robbins introduced its latest innovation, the Waffle Chip Dippers ($2.99). The treat — promoted as “a fun new way to eat soft serve” — looks like a cooler, sweeter version of nachos.

With six triangle-shaped waffle and brownie chips and creamy vanilla soft serve topped with Snickers and M&M’s and drizzled delicately with chocolate sauce, the Waffle Chip Dippers are sure to please those looking for an alternative to the typical soft serve in a waffle cone.

While the Waffle Chip Dippers are not currently sold at every Baskin-Robbins, the store located at 1950 West Slauson Ave. has been selling the treats since they were first released.

“It’s only for September; it’s promotional,” says Rosybeth Orellana, referring to the Waffle Chip Dippers. Orellana has worked at the Baskin-Robbins West Slauson location for the past two years. “Customers ask for it a lot, but we have to take the time to do the brownie chips, so sometimes we don’t have it.”

Customer feedback for the company’s latest ice cream novelty has been positive, according to Orellana.

“There have been no complaints … just complaints about why we don’t have it sometimes,” she says.

Orellana also notes that no substitutions or adjustments can be made to the Waffle Chip Dippers since the item is promotional. The Waffle Chip Dippers will be at various Baskin-Robbins locations until the end of September. 

“After that (the end of September), some stores might choose to keep it, but it might be at a different price,” Orellana says. “We have a promotional item every month.”

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