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Apple Asks For More Damages In Samsung Patent Case

Hannah Madans |
September 23, 2012 | 4:45 p.m. PDT

Senior News Editor

Creative Commons
Creative Commons
Apple has asked for an additional $535 million in damages in its patent case against Samsung.

Apple sued Samsung in April 2011. Apple claimed Samsung copied its smartphones, reports The Daily Beast.

In August a jury found that Samsung infringed on six of Apple's phone patents. Apple was awarded more than $1.05 billion.

Now, Apple has requested $135 million more under the Patent Act and $400 million under the Lanham Act, reports Bloomberg.

Apple has also requested a permanent injunction against sales of the infringed products.

Samsung sent Bloomberg an email on the request for additional money that said:

“Many of the jury’s determinations and their damage calculations were based on insufficient evidence and questionable decision-making procedures. Apple is requesting permanent injunctions and additional damages based on these highly questionable prior decisions.”

In a Sept. 21 brief, Samsung lawyers told the case's judge that Apple did not present a convincing case of intentional infringement and did not deserve treble damages. Samsung is trying to have the damages thrown out.

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