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99Rise Protest Downtown L.A. Bank Of America

Michael Juliani |
September 28, 2012 | 7:32 p.m. PDT

Assistant News Editor


One of the sitting protestors who was arrested.  (Michael Juliani / Neon Tommy)
One of the sitting protestors who was arrested. (Michael Juliani / Neon Tommy)

Occupy L.A. offshoot organization 99Rise staged a protest Friday afternoon at the Bank of America and Wells Fargo on Hope Street in downtown L.A.

Eight protestors were arrested after remaining in the bank after giving a petition to the bank manager that asked for the release of information about the funds the bank provided to presidential campaigns.

Six were arrested inside the bank and two were arrested after sitting down beyond police barricades and refusing to move.

Police had already had barricades set up in front of Bank of America, having been aware that Oct. 1 marks the one-year anniversary of Occupy L.A.

About 50 to 75 protestors showed up at the bank.

The rally mustered at Pershing Square, a short walk away. 


Neon Tommy will have more on this soon.  See our Twitter feed for live tweets of the protest.  

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