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Hurricane Isaac Hits Louisiana

Amanda Martinez |
August 28, 2012 | 6:23 p.m. PDT

Supervising Executive Producer

The storm continues to move northwest. (Nasa/Creative Commons)
The storm continues to move northwest. (Nasa/Creative Commons)
Late Tuesday evening, Hurricane Isaac made landfall, hitting southeastern Louisiana with winds reaching 80 miles per hour.

According to the NY Times, the Category 1 storm continued moving northwest at a pace of 8 m.p.h., making flooding a serious possibility. Although the storm is slow moving, the biggest danger could come from the large bodies of water the storm carries with it. Officials have warned of 12-foot surges along the coast and up to 20 inches of rainfall.

Mandatory evacuations have already been issued for low-lying areas of Lousiana and remain in place for certain parts of Mississippi. The most recent evacuation announcements extended to communities outside the levees of South Louisiana and St. Charles Parish, just west of New Orleans.

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