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Daily Hollywood – Ryan Gosling Directs, Aubrey Plaza Seduces And More

Lilian Min |
August 30, 2012 | 12:06 a.m. PDT

Music Editor

Jorge Garcia (you might know him from “Lost” or that one Weezer album) is coming back to ABC for “Once Upon A Time.” Garcia is signed on to guest star as a giant for at least one episode in the upcoming season. (TV Line)

Charlize Theron is tackling the story of slain war journalist Marie Colvin in her latest project. Theron is signed on to produce, but may also end up starring in the final film. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Hugh Laurie will no longer be playing the bad guy in the upcoming “Robocop” reboot. Instead, the role is going to actor Michael Keaton. (Deadline)

Ryan Gosling continues his campaign to do no wrong by announcing his directoral debut, “How To Catch A Monster,” which will star “Mad Men” bombshell Christina Hendricks. (Indiewire)

Aubrey Plaza brings her trademark deadpan comedy to the red band trailer for her upcoming film “The To Do List.” Watch the teaser trailer below. (EW)

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Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. Coast Guard.”

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