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"Bunheads" Recap: What's Your Damage, Heather?

Phoebe Abraham |
August 1, 2012 | 9:44 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Courtesy of ABC Family
Courtesy of ABC Family
Michelle finds herself overworked and not knowing whether her place with the bunheads is as a friend or an authority figure this week, which as you can guess  gets her in tons of sticky and troubling situations.

With Fanny gone on her impromptu vacation Michelle is left in charge of teaching all her dance classes along with the new load of dance classes Fanny added before she left.  The combination of teaching all the classes, keeping things in order, and little to no sleep definitely takes a toll on Michelle, causing her to be  zanier than usual-- if that’s even possible.  The craziness of being in charge of everything leaves Michelle super relieved that Fanny’s coming back the next day or at least until she finds out from Boo that’s not the case since Fanny posted on Facebook that she was extending her vacation.

After giving a group of five-year-olds a speech about how they need to control their bladders because a real show waits for no one to have bathroom breaks, and teaching a tap dancing class in which she nearly passes out from exhaustion Michelle is ready to get some sleep. Just when she’s about to end her day, the girls’ changing room begins leaking. Not knowing what to do and in complete panic she calls Truly who immediately asks her the common sense question of did you call a plumber an idea that of course didn’t cross Michelle’s mind.

Truly comes to the dance studio the next day to see how the situation is going only to find that Michelle hired the one plumber no hires to do plumbing in town, but instead they hire him to keep an eye on things, which is ironic since he has only one eye.  A one-eyed plumber with an eye patch who puts holes in the wall to find pipes is definitely something you’d only find in an Amy Sherman-Palladino show, which you have to love.

When the girls arrive to change for their dance class Michelle gives them the keys to her place so they can change in there, which of course means they go through all her stuff while Boo tells them they shouldn’t be doing this. After class ends Boo, Sasha, Ginny, and Melanie find a tired Michelle blow drying the dressing room floor to prevent mold so they help her. After they finally finishing drying the floor Michelle takes the girls out to eat and gives them a feast of fried food galore, except for Boo who sticks to her diet and orders salad. Michelle being Michelle of course sneaks French fries into her salad every time she gets up to serve a table despite not actually being on the clock. While at dinner the girls fill Michelle in on all of Fanny’s rules for them, and how she’d kill them if she knew they were eating all this fried food. The topic of Ginny being with her boyfriend since the second grade comes up, which shocks Michelle and she shares how when she was their age she was dating tons of boys at a time and how much fun it was. Michelle ends the night finding Truly and the one-eyed plumber making out in the dance studio.

Michelle goes to Truly the next day to apologize for embarrassing her and tells her it’s okay to get back out there and she’s not doing anything wrong after Truly tells her she feels bad, because she’s still in love with Hubble.  Michelle then runs into Sasha who is clearly wearing a shirt she stole from her so Michelle confronts her about it, Sasha lies to her and then takes off the shirt and throws it at Michelle.

When Sasha comes in 15 minutes late to class Michelle has a discussion with her immediately and tells her what she's doing is not okay, because she knows Fanny’s rules. Michelle for the first time is forced to move from being a friend to an authority figure with one of the girls, which totally throws her in for a loop because she doesn’t see herself as that person.

At the end of class Ginny's mom angrily reprimands Michelle for causing Ginny to break up with her boyfriend by putting crazy ideas of dating many boys in her head. Michelle feeling horrible runs out. The whole situation is weird especially since it seems the breakup seems to be affecting Ginny’s mom more than anyone else because she’s lost her handy man and trash guy around the house.

Boo’s mom goes after Michelle and talks to her and tells her everything's going to be okay while giving her a juice box and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which honestly can’t help but make you feel better. Boo’s mom explains to Michelle how much of an impact she having on the girls and how they idolize her and to just ignore everything else because she doing things fine, which makes Michelle feel better.

Meanwhile Boo is heartbroken when Melanie’s brother asks her to put a good word in for him with Ginny now that she’s single since he thinks she’s hot. Boo being the kind person that she is tells Ginny who is pleased by attention and the possibility of dating many boys and having fun, which isn’t the response Boo was hoping for.

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