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“Bunheads” Recap: Movie Truck

Phoebe Abraham |
July 24, 2012 | 2:49 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Courtesy of ABC Family
Courtesy of ABC Family

Getting older is a natural life progression we all go through, and for most women, after reaching a certain age you stop making your birthday a whole extravaganza, but this week we find out Michelle isn’t one of those women.

Knowing Michelle this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise because she’s never been someone that can be lumped into a general category.

This week starts off with Michelle finding the bunheads and the rest of the dance class student outside the dance studio unable to get in and Fanny nowhere to be found. While going to look for Fanny in the house Michelle finds Truly and her book club discussing Fifty Shades of Grey. Michelle not one for beating around the bush tells Truly she should consider hanging out with people closer to her age and have some actual fun--something Truly insists she doesn’t need to do. Truly ends up giving Michelle a letter from Fanny, which basically tells Michelle she was left in charge of teaching the dance classes while she was gone. Michelle quickly calls Fanny who uses guilt to push Michelle into teaching and changing her birthday road trip plans.

Michelle’s friend Talia arrives in Paradise to find Michelle upside down on a pole a sight that can’t help but make you laugh while you question what’s going on. Michelle fills Talia in on the change in plans for her birthday, which she has no problems with. Talia insists they will simply make this birthday just as memorable despite the change in plans.
While walking around town Talia is gravitates towards the clothes in Truly’s store Sparkles, Michelle is hesitant to enter but is forced in when Talia goes in despite her warnings. After seeing and hearing all the fun Michelle and Talia have had with each other over the years Truly hints at the idea of joining them. Initially Michelle doesn't want Truly to come, but she finally agrees to let her join if she lets them make her over for the night.

Sasha, Boo, Ginny, and Melanie make plans to go to a movie while Sasha’s parents are out of town. When Boo, Melanie and Ginny arrive at Sasha's house it sounds like World War III is breaking out in her house between her parents. They quietly go up the stairs and figure since it looks like Sasha’s parents aren’t going anywhere their movie plans are off for the night, but this isn’t the case according to Sasha. She insists her parents won’t even notice they’re gone. They make it to the movies and devise a plan to get people to move from their seats so they can all sit together.

Michelle’s birthday night out doesn’t go exactly how she planned but they end up sneaking into the same movie the bunheads went to see through the back door and getting drunk off a bottle of alcohol Truly swiped.

Boo is in heaven while watching the movie sitting next to Michelle’s brother Charlie who actually is really nice to her and seems to be enjoying talking to her as well. Sasha remembers that the alarm in her house turns on in a couple of hours leaving them little time to get back into the house without her parents knowing they were gone. When they notice Michelle is in the back they worry she might be a nark so they decide to wait until the end of the movie, but by the time they make it back to Sasha’s house the alarm is already on. Sasha comes up with the crazy idea of climbing on top of her mom’s car to somehow jump onto the roof to get into the house through her bedroom window, a plan that goes terribly wrong. Sasha ends up damaging her mom’s car and the girls end up sleeping outside. When they finally do get in the house they find Sasha’s dad sitting on the couch clearly emotionally shaken. Sasha, frustrated with the situation and her parents not even noticing her, tells her dad all that happened last night hoping to get some sort of reaction, which still doesn’t happen.

Truly, not wanting the night to end yet, tells Michelle and Talia about a 24hr cupcake ATM she read about. They decide to go when they realize out Truly hadn't really been drinking and can be their designated driver. After a crazy night Michelle and Talia have a heart to heart and Michelle tells her how things have changed and aren’t how she thought they’d be. Talia reassures Michelle things are going to be ok and next year they will celebrate even bigger for her birthday



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