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“Bunheads” Recap: Better Luck Next Year!

Phoebe Abraham |
July 10, 2012 | 12:32 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Coexisting and being there for one another was the overriding premise of Sunday's episode of "Bunheads."

Courtesy of ABC Family
Courtesy of ABC Family

The idea of seeing what drives another’s craziness and wanting to help because of it. This week's episode scratches beneath the surface for certain characters and lets us see and somewhat understand their inner psyche.

Last time we saw "Bunheads" we were left with Michelle deciding to live in the guest house while Fanny stayed in her home.  Although Michelle now owning everything complicated things they settled on simply figuring things out as they go along.

After weeks of hearing about the Joffrey Ballet auditions they are finally here. Fanny is in full preparation mode to get her dance studio ready for the audition while Michelle is being bombarded by the things of her past both literally and figuratively, which we’ll discuss later on.

Michelle’s old Vegas landlord has everything shipped to Michelle, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing except for the fact that most of it didn’t belong to her and it was a pile of junk she had agreed to take at a time when she needed a quick way out of a bad relationship. Fanny seeing all this stuff of course takes no time to tell Michelle she needs to move it and put it away because she can’t afford to have a mess while the Joffrey people are here. In an attempt to stop the moving guys from unloading anymore stuff Michelle tries to bribe one of them with some cash, asking if he could somehow "make the rest of this stuff disappear," which of course doesn’t work but is sure to give you a great laugh.

Boo is out grocery shopping with mom, which is quite entertaining since it seems like the two have switched roles in this scenario. You have Boo being the responsible health conscious adult looking for fresh vegetables that are not only good for you but add amazing amounts of color to your plate. While on the other hand you have Boo’s mom who is like a kid in a candy store wanting to buy the peanut butter cups and kettle corn, and even justifying her kettle corn desire by saying it’s an important part of the vegetable food group according to the southern lady with diabetes on the Food Network, which we all know is a reference to Paula Deen.

Boo is more focused than ever for the Joffrey Auditions despite her mother’s reservations from her not being picked last time, but she reassures her mom that she’s in better shape and a better a dancer so there is no need to worry.

In the midst of planning the food menu for the audition, Fanny receives a call from the Joffrey people informing her they’ve sent her a fax, which of course can mean no good. The fax basically informs Fanny of the concern they have with the floors of her studio and how they’d like them to be fixed or else they’ll have to move the auditions to Ojai this year.

Michelle not completely understanding why Fanny is so upset by this considering it would save her money and the girls could still audition doesn’t see this as a bad thing until Truly explains it to her. Truly makes Michelle realize this audition is how Fanny stays connected to her dance dreams she gave up when she fell in love and had Hubble. We also get to see a very interesting side of Truly this week, we learn that she has this eerie ability to know what people need before they say anything despite her inability to know what she wants and we get to see she quite insightful and handy.

Michelle is haunted by nightmares of her past audition in Vegas where she didn’t even get to perform, but in her dreams she performs a full on number with singing and dancing but is still rejected and unnoticed by the casting director.

Boo still dealing with how mean Sasha was to her last time isn’t really in the mood to talk to her especially during the week of the Joffrey auditions. Boo has a mini emotional breakdown in front of Sasha when her toe shoes break. Sasha tells her to just tell her mom, but Boo explains she can’t especially for an audition her mom already thinks she’s going to fail at since she already bought her a better luck next year cake. Sasha feeling bad for Boo takes money from her mom’s wallet while she’s in the shower to buy Boo new toe shoes.

Michelle determined to help Fanny keep the Joffrey auditions at her studio goes to a local hardware store to get some help. When the guys find out she can’t pay them right away they aren’t willing to help so she attempts to shamelessly flirt with both guys to convince them, which fails miserably. Michelle tells Fanny what she been up to and Fanny doesn’t understand why she’s so determined to help her. After driving to Oxnard they find an old man willing to do the work on the dance floors for free, because of his attraction to Fanny and her flirting with him.

The Joffrey Auditions are once again held at Fanny’s dance studio. Boo is immediately cut from the auditions, which would have been the end under normal circumstances, but not for Fanny who puts her in a black wig and gives her a new name and tells her to get back in there. Boo gets cut again and this time Fanny makes her a redhead and gives her leg warmers and sends her back in. Fanny explains to Michelle her reasoning behind her actions with Boo. She explains that she wanted them to see Boo and that by doing what she did Boo would get the chance to be seen. Since the first time she was cut she wasn’t really seen she was just the dancer who didn’t have a typical ballerina body, but with each time she went in there would be other girls that broke the mold in the groups, which would force them to really see Boo perform.

Despite Boo getting cut again she was okay because she was seen and was told those two other times that she was dynamic and should come back next year, which was what Fanny wanted for her. Boo satisfied with how everything went goes to find Sasha and invites her to come over for some better luck next year cake.

The show ends with Michelle having another nightmare about her past audition which leaves her clearly shaken up. 


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