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USC Requests Wrongful-Death Lawsuit Be Dropped

Paige Brettingen |
June 25, 2012 | 5:05 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Wu Ying (left) and Qu Ming (right), who were shot and killed near USC on April 11. (Gracie Zheng)
Wu Ying (left) and Qu Ming (right), who were shot and killed near USC on April 11. (Gracie Zheng)

USC has requested that a wrongful-death lawsuit, filed by the parents of two USC-graduate students who were shot off-campus in April, be dropped. The university maintains that it should not be held responsible for the students' deaths.

"The murders were random, unpredictable and unconnected to USC," the university's court paper stated, according to NBC. "Boiled down to its core elements, (the) complaint is nothing more than an attempt to try to hold USC financially responsible for damages inflicted on its students by the criminal behavior of third parties unrelated to USC."

Wu Ying and Qu Ming, both 23, were graduate students from China studying electrical engineering when they were shot about one mile away from campus while sitting in Qu Ming's car on April 11.

The arraignment of the two suspects linked to the murders— 20-year-old Bryan Barnes and 19-year-old Javier Bolden— has been postponed to July 18. Barnes and Bolden were arrested on May 18 on charges related to other shootings.

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