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¿Juntos Con Romney?

Jackie Mansky |
June 10, 2012 | 10:31 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Mitt Romney, Courtesy of Creative Commons Flickr
Mitt Romney, Courtesy of Creative Commons Flickr
Despite the current 2-1 hold President Obama has on the Hispanic vote, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney hopes to persuade some of those voters to rally behind him by emphasizing his position on the economy.

While Romney's earlier position immigration distanced him from many Hispanic voters, the May jobs report, which placed unemployment among Hispanic Americans at 11 percent last month, up from 10.3 percent in April and highest level yet in 2012 the National Journal reported, could make Hispanic voters give Romney another look. 

Recently, at a Hispanic-owned business in Texas, Romney attacked the “Obama economy,” saying that under the current president, the economy has been “particularly hard on Hispanic businesses and Hispanic Americans.” Romney went on to call the president “anti-small business” and “hostile” to the small businesses environment which has made it harder for businesses to hire more people, the Washington Post reported.

The Romney campaign asserted a similar message on its YouTube Channel. Saturday, the channel released, "Fine." The video, which presented President Obama as out-of-touch with the job market, criticized him for his recent assertion that “the economy is doing fine.”

Keeping to that message, earlier this week the channel released a video in Spanish entitled “Deprimente” or “Dismal” which shows a supporter of President Obama asserting that the country is on the right path and then contrasts that with the current economic statistics for Hispanic Americans.

Still, despite these efforts, a new Latino Decisions national poll released Friday put President Obama with a 43-point margin over Romney among Latino voters.

One reason for the vast gap could be that President Obama is currently outspending Romney significantly in Spanish-language media. While the president has already invested $1 million over the last five weeks, to emphasize the president’s health care and education reforms, Romney has spent about $13,000 on Spanish-language media since he became the unofficial official republican nominee, the National Journal reported. 

However, those numbers could change. Romney recently created a committee entitled “Juntos con Romney,” or “Together with Romney,” led by former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, former Attorney General of Puerto Rico José Fuentes and former Administrator of the Small Business Administration Hector Barreto, Fox News Latino reported.

Romney's advisors are also trying to get him to soften his earlier rhetoric on immigration, Boston.com reported.  Currently Romney is "studying" a modified version of the Dream Act, proposed by Romney's potential pick for Vice President Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) which would grant non-immigrant visas to young people here illegally if they go to college or serve in the military, ABC News reported.

Whether or not Romney's outreach will make an impact will soon be put to the test. Romney wil speak June 21 before the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, the day before President Obama addresses the group. The speech could provide a clear contrast between the two candidates on a variety of issues, Boston.com reported, which might sway more voters to say sí se puede or juntos con Romney.


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Dave Francis (not verified) on June 10, 2012 5:11 PM


SOME things that need to be critically observed by all Americans, specifically for those who want to see an end to the travesty called illegal immigration. First on the agenda is the fact that the miles of constructed border fence that Homeland Security says they have covered, is a downright lie and is misleading to the public. Just go to AMERICAN PATROL website and you can identify where the fence is, and where it doesn’t exist. Whether it’s Arizona, California, New Mexico or Texas the cost for not securing the border is staggering. TODAY it’s in every taxpayer best interest to get rid of the pro-illegal alien legislators, who come from both sides of Congress and throw them out. THAT includes the state assemblies that genuflect to the business, corporate and all special interest organizations. THEY are the ones subverting our hard earned money in subsidizing illegal aliens and their children. Both parties are untrustworthy and only the emerging growing membership of the TEA PARTY can stop this adversity to our liberties, freedoms and following the edicts of the U.S. Constitution.

H.R. 2885 - Already well sponsored is Mandatory E-Verify, which was initially sponsored by Senator Lamar Smith of Texas. The bill entitled ‘The Legal Workforce Bill’ (H.R.2885) has been blocked by House speaker, John Boehner of Ohio and Dave Camp of Michigan, who is Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Americans must insist these lawmakers. E-Verify have gained a success rate nationwide, but are still only voluntary. We must insist both parties place (H.R.2885) to be presented on the house floor without delay. Millions of Americans that remain jobless would benefit highly from mandatory E-Verify. This computer based government application can detect illegal workers and reject them from every business—large and small—with heavy punishment for indifferent company owners. Farmers are just as incorrigible as they pay little or nothing towards the illegal aliens they employ, leaving the medical treatment, schooling and welfare benefits for the state taxpayer to cover.

H.R.140 - The Birthright Citizenship Act introduced by Rep. Steve King would end Birthright Citizenship, requiring that at least one parent of a child born in the United States be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. The U.S. is one of only two developed nations (Canada) to still offer Birthright Citizenship. This is a hundred billion dollar expenditure for taxpayers Smuggled children that inherit instant citizenship through misguided laws, which have not been tested in the Supreme Court. Another unfunded mandate, that is part of uncompensated mandates such as education through high school graduation, free health treatments from the common cold to expensive surgeries paid by YOU. An overcrowded prison system full of criminal aliens that is to blame for high percentages of wicked acts in the U.S. Then a profusion of welfare programs manipulated by both parties, giving access to programs, denied to our citizens and legal residents. Guest workers, such as farm labor do not receive any benefits, so the taxpayers once more gets the bill for health care, the children's education and NOT the Farmer or corporate agriculture.

These two laws on their own would save over $ annually? No! I’m not talking about millions, but billions that are cleverly extracted through taxes. Similarly little is said about the $ that leaves this country by wire transfer to foreign banks. Another astronomical payout would be if the Democrats, Liberals and the Republicans passed an amnesty. The cost according to the Heritage Foundation would be in the region of $2.4000.000.000.000, to complete the processing and the whole carnival once again on the backs of taxpayers.

These new amendments will be useful to the state of Arizona and all 50 states, with many convulsing under the Department of justice lawsuits, and the relentless financial bombardment of illegal aliens settled around the country. No matter the outcome of the U.S. Supreme Court, these laws and amendments passed by Congress could begin a major mass departure of foreign nationals.

There is a short list of premier contenders for second place, but Marco Rubio is held in high esteem and would bring a polarized bloc of Hispanics to the voting booth? Nobody is positive on the outcome of where the largest majority of LEGAL Hispanics stand, but the highest priority should be EMPLOYMENT, economy and the ‘Rule of Law’, and then they should be drawn to the Constitutionality of the TEA PARTY leadership? Not excluded is the African American community, who have ostracized by business owners, especially the teens who in the last ten years have been hit hard, by the illegal immigrant domination of start-up jobs. Even the general Caucasian young American has been alienated by the same discount labor and under the table labor wages, so millions of school population remains unemployed?


Years of planned encouragement by both political parties, has erupted in a major response from anti-illegal alien organizations, including NumbersUSA, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), The Heritage foundation, The Federation for Immigration Reform, Judicial Watch and thousands of more groups, blogs available to all readers across the Internet. Let your Senator or Congressman/Women know that they are not eligible for your vote if you discover they are pampering the millions of invaders who have settled here illegally--phone DC. , Switchboard at 202-224-3121 Demand also that your state adopts a voter ID law, so no non citizens, illegal aliens, the deceased or felons can manipulate the elections impending, including the Presidential vote. Democrats and the Liberals have been proved not to care who votes, intentionally or by error illegal aliens are voting and could be a major danger in close races?

Anonymous (not verified) on June 11, 2012 12:58 PM

Illegal immigration is now net-zero, thanks to our economy. I realize you hate Mexicans, but calm down buddy.