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Daily Hollywood – Nora Ephron Passes, “Hunger Games” Casting, and More

Lilian Min |
June 27, 2012 | 12:05 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Did anyone know there’s a Carmen Sandiego movie in the works? Furthermore, did anyone know that JLo is producing and possibly starring in it? She’s also set to write it – kidding, Darren Lemke (“Shrek Forever After”) has got that gig. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“When Harry Met Sally,” “You’ve Got Mail,” “Sleepless in Seattle”: these are only a few of the films in writer-director Nora Ephron’s filmography. Ephron died yesterday at the age of 71. (Variety)

In more “The Good Wife” casting news, Kristin Chenoweth (of the early-ending series “Pushing Daisies” and now “GCB”) will be playing a political journalist next season. (Vulture)

In part 1 of today’s “The Hunger Games” updates, casting for “Catching Fire”/”Mockingbird” fan fave Johanna Mason is reportedly being centered on Jena Malone (“Sucker Punch,” and the not-so-recent but still excellent “Saved”). (EW)

In part 2 of today’s “The Hunger Games” updates, Katniss did good outside of the world of Panem. Jennifer Lawrence joins the list of celeb do-gooders (other additions include Zoe Saldana and Ryan Gosling) after helping a passed-out girl in front of her apartment building. (People)

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