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“Bunheads” Recap: Inherit the Wind

Phoebe Abraham |
June 26, 2012 | 12:13 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Courtesy of ABC Family
Courtesy of ABC Family
"I don’t understand" is the opening sentiment of this week’s episode, which is a theme, carried across the board by all the characters in some form. 

We ended last week with Michelle learning Hubble left her everything and this week we learn what exactly everything is.

Hubble’s friend Jerry tries explaining to a confused Fanny and an obviously in shock Michelle the situation with Hubble. According to Jerry, Hubble called him on his way back from Vegas and had everything put in Michelle’s name as well as changing her address and registering her to vote in town. In short Hubble took care of everything from the moment he was married, which was a result of him always wanting to getting married.

Michelle only being able to register the fact she would be getting a Rolling Stone magazine subscription every month, couldn’t grasp why Hubble would leave her everything especially considering they were only married two days--or 16 hours if you only count how much time she was actually conscious.

Jerry explains that since the fourth grade all Hubble’s talked about was getting married and that he even dressed up as a groom every year for six years in a row despite everyone confusing him for a waiter until he got the town’s weird shut in lady, Sissy Murkowski to dress up as a bride with him.

Fanny of course didn’t take the news too well, since to her, Hubble left her home and business to someone he barely knew or in her words, “he got his bride you got the house and my son has left me to the streets I guess I’ll have to move in with Sissy Murkowski and her dead corpse of a mother.” To make matters worse Jerry points out nothing has really changed since she never owned anything before.

Michelle wakes up the next morning searching for food, doesn't find any and ends up going out to get some, but she runs into the bunheads before she leaves. She finds the girls taking pictures of their feet, which they explain is for a competition between the California dance studios to see which dance studio’s girls, have the nastiest feet. The idea is that the grosser the feet the better the dance studio, Michelle wishes them luck and tells them to text her how they do and before she even gives them her number she finds out everyone has it already a weird small town tendency. She ends up going to a local gas station and picking up a few things for Fanny and herself.

Despite Michelle ensuring Fanny she had nothing to worry about as far as her home and dance studio, Fanny insists on being over dramatic about the situation. She even asks whether she could use a mug since Michelle now owned everything. Michelle tries to ease the situation by saying that Hubble probably only left her everything because he probably figured when he passed his mother would be dead already because she was older. This point only irked Fanny who left to go teach her dance class.

When Boo notices Melanie's older brother Charlie in dance class she quickly asks her about it since it’s no secret she has a major crush on him. Throughout dance class Boo sneaks not so subtle looks at him. Melanie and Ginny convince Boo to go in the front and try to impress Charlie, which she is pumped to do until mean girl Sasha takes it as a chance to humiliate her out loud in front Charlie and everyone else.

Michelle gets a visit from Jenny's mom, Clare, who is what you describe as a shark coming in for the kill. Michelle learns how fast news travels in a small town when Clare begins talking about how much of a responsibility owning the house and all the land can be and that if she wanted to sell it she could get her a good price . Clare starts walking Michelle around pointing out all the work and money Michelle would need to maintain the house and prevent a squirrel population infestation, which overwhelms an already confused Michelle. Clare does manage to show her the red vintage convertible Hubble fixed up himself, which she loved.

While walking back to the house Fanny spots Michelle with Clare and assumes Michelle’s planning to sell her home and refuses to listen to any explanations. Michelle frustrated from the argument decides to go for a drive in the convertible to unwind.

After dance class the other bunheads Melanie and Ginny talk to Boo about their annoyance with Sasha and her mean girl tendencies especially with how she treated Boo. Boo defends Sasha despite no one understanding how she could after what she did to her, but Boo explains that they didn’t know what she might be dealing with. Sasha overhears the conversation and tells Boo off, saying she doesn’t need her pity. After being embarrassed in front of Charlie, Boo decides not to sleep over Melanie’s house and goes home instead. When Sasha's mom comes to pick her up we see that her family dynamic is cold and uncaring, this gives us insight into why she may be so mean at times.

While Michelle enjoys a great drive the car stops working so she calls a tow truck. When it finally gets there the guy refuses to take a look at her car or tow it away, because she's on a private road, which she had no idea since there was no sign indicating it. When the local policeman comes and Michelle explains the situation he also won’t help because of the private road and instead goes to write her a ticket that she refuses to take unless he comes to hand it to her on the private road. Michelle ends up zip tied in the back of a police car until Fanny comes to bail her out, but first of course teases her about it.

Once released Michelle begins walking up the private road to get permission to be on the road from the owner, who the whole town assumes is named Bill and quite scary. Michelle reaches the house out of breath only to find that the owner was actually named Grant and really quite cute. She ends up talking to him while his driver takes a look at her car. Michelle, surprised to meet someone who didn’t know anything about her in town, fills him in on everything including how she now owns a house, which is a foreign concept to her so he suggests she sell it and go back home. She gets a text from the bunheads that they won the foot contest, which makes her realize that Paradise is the closest thing she's had to a home in long time. Grant also tells her to disregard what Clare told her, because she’s crazy.

While back home she finds a guest house on the land and falls in love with it. She then sees Sasha in the dance studio and checks in with her, and it gives us a chance to see that things aren’t perfect for Sasha who is pretty much ignored by her parents.  Michelle ends the night telling Fanny that she’d be moving into the guest house while Fanny stayed in her home and they’d figure the rest out along the way. Then they got drunk together over wine.

Tune in next week to see what twists are in store for Michelle, Fanny and the Bunheads.

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