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Ron Paul Rallies Young Crowd At Cal-State Fullerton

Kiran Kazalbash |
May 3, 2012 | 6:30 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Paul assured the audience Wednesday his campaign wasn't over yet. (Kiran Kazalbash/Neon Tommy)
Paul assured the audience Wednesday his campaign wasn't over yet. (Kiran Kazalbash/Neon Tommy)
Presidential hopeful Ron Paul addressed an eager crowd of thousands Wednesday night in at Cal State-Fullerton in Orange County, where he said although the nomination process is coming to a close, the Ron Paul Revolution is just getting started. 

The university hosted the congressman’s town hall address inside Titan Stadium, drawing some 4,000 residents of Southern California. Paul said he was happy to see so many of them were students and young people. 

“It gives me a lot of encouragement to see such enthusiasm,” Paul said, “because the issues are so vital. Students coming out of college—they may have a huge debt and no job and they know there is something deeply flawed with the system. We need to change it.” 

Paul told the young audience he understood the kinds of problems they face, both now as students and further on down the road as they age. He said “it would be great” if the U.S. stopped spending money overseas, and offered an alternative to the generation of Americans now leaving college: “Assume responsibility for yourself and stay out of the social security system. Keep your own money and take care of yourself.”

The Texas congressman did not mention Newt Gingrich’s earlier announcement that the rival would drop out of the GOP race, or the likelihood of Mitt Romney’s Republican nomination. He instead attacked Democrats and President Obama’s health care bill, saying the repeal of Obamacare would be high on his to-do list if elected. 

“What we have to do is get the government out of the way,” Paul said, “allowing you to make your own decisions about your medical care. We want to advance the cause of liberty to such an extreme that we want to return to the times when we were allowed to drink raw milk if we wanted to.” 

Paul had strong words for economist Paul Krugman who he debated earlier this week about the state of the nation’s economy. In the April 30 face-off, Paul told Krugman that intervening in a free market would jeopardize U.S. prosperity. Krugman responded that having a totally free market would take the global economy back about 150 years. 

During Wednesday’s appearance, Paul told the audience, “Those who argue, like a certain economist argued with me this week, that I was going back a whole hundred years, but the truth is (those) who promote tyranny want to go back thousands of years because that’s what most of history has been all about.”

Paul ended his hour-long speech with a call for Republican voters to help him realize his dream for the nation. 

“We may lose a battle here and there,” he said, “but we are going to win the war because we’re on the right side of history. We can win the hearts and mind of people who want to live in a free society.”  


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