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REVIEW: 24th Annual Vintage Bouquet Food & Wine Extravaganza

Tanaya Ghosh |
May 6, 2012 | 2:10 p.m. PDT

Food Editor

The Vintage Bouquet VIP area had a gorgeous view of L.A. (photos by Tanaya Ghosh / Neon Tommy)
The Vintage Bouquet VIP area had a gorgeous view of L.A. (photos by Tanaya Ghosh / Neon Tommy)
It was a sunny Southern California Sunday when the 24th Annual Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Event took place at the historic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

Hosted by the Beverly Hills Bar Association Barristers, the annual event raised funds for the Beverly Hills Bar Foundation's pro bono legal services programs. The mission of the association is to serve its members, lead the legal profession, and advocate for justice in the community.

Attendees got to experience wine from local wineries, live music, and lots of delicious food from top restaurants in the area. We also had the opportunity to meet the winemakers themselves and learn about their wines in depth.

The duck carnitas from Momed, ceviche and spicy tuna from Napa Valley Grille, and the tiramisu cones from Palomino Restaurant were just some of the many highlights from the fun-filled event.

The carnitas were moist and delicious, the seafood was refreshing, and the tiramisu was rich and utterly amazing, with layers of textures and flavors in a beautiful display.

Palomino's Executive Chef Verite Mazzola was on site, and she explained the layers of deliciousness after offering us yet another cone. With all the food we were eating, we were getting full... but we couldn't resist devouring another tiramisu treat!

Ruth's Chris served juicy, moist burgers with BBQ butter on cloudlike soft bread, and Lawry's offered up prime rib sandwiches with a zesty horseradish sauce, with a side of deliciously sweet creamed corn.

Bier Beisl served Austrian food with a flair, including an herb pancake in beef boullion, and Pazzo Gelato handed out cups of gelato, the highlight of which was the sea salt caramel lavender with white chocolate gelato. It was incredible, as all flavors could be detected, and it all went together well.

Hansen's Cakes, the creators of cakes for Christina Aguilera as well as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' wedding cake, were in attendance serving up lemon and chocolate cake slices. We matched a citrusy dessert wine and a port wine with each respective slice. The flavors popped for each when eaten and sipped together, as the proper pairing enhanced the flavors of each dessert.

Dandy Dots also had a variety of ice cream flavors, with an even greater array of toppings so guests could make their own custom creation.

The VIP deck overlooked a marvelous view of Los Angeles. It featured a martini bar which served up lychee martinis, as well as The Palm Restaurant's succulent lamb with jalapeño mint jelly. There were also hibiscus, peach and orange chocolates from Lady Chocolatier to sample.

At the nearby photoshoot area set up by LA Photo Party, attendees could take classic portraits or silly photos with a variety of props such as a Rock Band guitar or pink and blue wigs. The setup was next to a reflecting pool with red-eared slider turtles of all sizes swimming about and sunbathing.

Silent auctions were held for a variety of items, such as travel packages to exotic places as well as theme park tickets.

Greystone Mansion, the largest family estate in the history of Beverly Hills, rests on 16 acres of gorgeous landscaping. It was the perfect place for a lovely Sunday of food and fun.


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