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Gamer Roulette: "Paper Bees" Review

Eric Parra, Zaid Ziauddin |
May 6, 2012 | 3:29 a.m. PDT

Staff Columnist



So if you have an iPhone, iPad, or some form of iOS useable device, chances are that you often think to yourself, “I sure could use a game to idle my time away and steer me clear from the path of boredom and/or productivity.” And then you’d go and download a game from the iTunes market. If you continue reading this article, perhaps you’d even go so far as downloading “PAPER BEES.”

Now, what is “Paper Bees,” and why should you care? 

It’s a simple game with interesting ideas. It comes straight from Wiggles 3D, a Canadian-based developer team more known for their board games, but have recently taken to the game and app scene.

In “Paper Bees” You control a bee (in some levels, multiple bees) and it is your sworn duty to protect your hive, your flowers, your bottom of the screen. What you are protecting them from is a Galaga style barrage of enemies (other insects) coming down and attacking in kamikaze dive bombs. Also, the whole thing takes place in a paper diorama. Get it? Paper Bees? 

Anyways, you control your bees by flicking  and flinging them, sending them in a straight line and crashing into would be threats, upon which the bee will yoyo back to the flower whence it came.

The more enemies show up, the more frantic the game gets, and the challenge of it all can be fun. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the accuracy of the controls could use some tightening and there is a level of frustration when you miss your target, but feel like you definitely should’ve hit. 

Power-ups also have some footing in the game, at times being moderately fun (you can set your bee on fire and use exploding insects to cause chain effects and more explosions) but at other times, power-ups feel slightly over powered. The game becomes simple and the aforementioned challenge disappears. 

Sound is also a bit of an issue. There are the sound effects you’d expect: explosions, ice shards, the whistle o f the wind, etc. and that’s all very nice, but the game lacks background music and anything else to keep playing all 30 levels a bit more refreshing. 

Overall, “Paper Bees” is a very interesting game. It’s like an Angry Birds, shooter type mixup game with a nice aesthetic appeal and a unique style. If you’re in need of an iphone game, definitely go for it. If you’re not in so much need, but feel like a change of pace in your gaming repertoire is in order (or if you’ve got nothing better to do) then definitely check it out here.


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