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"Dancing With The Stars" Week 7 Results: No Laughing Matter

Kelly Hanelt |
May 2, 2012 | 1:28 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

DID I DO THAT?!!? Jaleel and Kym taking one last spin around the dancefloor. "Dancing With The Stars Results" ABC Tuesdays at 9 (Image courtesy of ABC)
DID I DO THAT?!!? Jaleel and Kym taking one last spin around the dancefloor. "Dancing With The Stars Results" ABC Tuesdays at 9 (Image courtesy of ABC)
"Dancing With The Stars" classical week ended in a class one tragedy for the ballroom as fierce competitor and all around funny(ish) guy Jaleel White was eliminated. There were no tears for Jaleel, just jokes - and a lot of them. After comparing Len to "the old guy outside the grocery store who won't give the kid any money for candy", I kind of wonder if it is any great surprise that the head judge voted against him in the infamous Dance Duel. But I digress, Jaleel will be missed.

While he wasn't the most consistent dancer - starting off as one of the strongest competitors only to slowly slip and stumble his way down the leaderboard before a hopeful Cha Cha last week - he was consistently
entertaining. Who could forget his emotional dance dedicated to the alter ego of his alter ego, Stefan Urquelle? Jaleel came on this show to prove to America that he was not some suspendered skinny boy with a no game and a serious sinus problem anymore. Boy did he ever succeed. No one could contest the swagger in Jaleel's ballroom moves. But, unfortunately, as the competition is whittled down to 6, it was time for him to go.

Each week the competition is only getting fiercer, and next week's double elimination is going to be brutal. Seriously though, "DWTS" is starting to feel like the Hunger Games. And that isn't even in reference to Jaleel's coping mechanism of "eating cheesecake like a divorced mother of three." (Melissa, who was standing next to him, replied "like me?" .. awkward.) Maybe it was stress eating all that led to his dancing demise. But either way, all the teams better bring their Katniss best next week to try and make it through to the final four.

Roshon and Chelsie rounded out the bottom two for a second week in a row. This kid has got some resilience. Despite the Dance Duel being a rumba (which he failed at during Motown week), he legitimately outperformed Jaleel
with a combination of strength and energy. See? I told you his best advantage would be to utilize his youth. The judges, while praising both of their triumphs and progress, noticed that Jaleel just couldn't keep up with Roshon's rumba and unanimously sent him packing. While Roshon has survived two consecutive weeks of Dance Duels, I fear for him in next week's double elimination. Despite being a pretty good dancer, he just hasn't been getting the votes to keep up with fan favorites like Katherine and William.

In other news, the ballroom was a place of heartwarming (or staking) fun Tuesday night. Maria and Derek kicked off the hour with a Len-requested encore of their vampiric Paso Doble. It was just as flawless as Monday night's performance, this time featuring an alternate ending where Buffy Derek defeats lady vamp Maria. Not to be defeated himself, ex-celeburino Gavin DeGraw returned to the ballroom to perform his new single "Sweeter." And really, what could have been sweeter than his ex-partner Karina Smirnoff dancing during that song. But the winning moment of the night was the first public performance of street dancer Steelo Vasquez since a devastating brain aneurysm last year. After 6 months in the hospital, Steelo's main goal was to dance again with his group, the Groovaloos. Seeing Steelo dance again was incredible. Watch his performance below.

Tuesday night marked the end of the Dance Duels, so now it is all up to the voters to keep their favorites in the competition. There are only three weeks until the winner of the mirrorball trophy is announced, and at this point, it really could be anybody's game. While no one knows what crazy theme the powers that be have come up with for next week, here are 5 suggestions to hold you over until all the madness is revealed.

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