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"Dancing With The Stars" Finale Result: And The Winner Is...

Kelly Hanelt |
May 23, 2012 | 12:03 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Results" ABC Tuesdays at 9. (Image courtesy of ABC)
Results" ABC Tuesdays at 9. (Image courtesy of ABC)

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd!!!

Looks like this Green Bay Packer can now add “Dancing With The Stars” Champion to his long list of accolades. A strong (literally), and innovative contestant from the get go, it was little surprise that Donald made it to the final three. If that wasn’t enough, his outrageously fun countrified freestyle must have swayed all those unaffiliated voters (especially those in the Southern region) to dial, text, or click him to victory.

Winning the Mirrorball Trophy had a deeper meaning for Donald, who has been a long time fan of the show. When he started rolling around on the floor with glee and exclaimed that he felt “AMAZING!!!!,” it was pretty hard not to be happy for this wide receiver/now official primo ballerino.

The win was just as exciting for his partner Peta, who has only been on the show for two seasons. Though, considering she and partner Ron Artest (AKA: Metta World Peace) were the first team eliminated in season 13, it has really been more like a season and a day. Quite an impressive feat when you consider that Karina Smirnoff, who has been on the show since season 3, has only won once, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who has been on the show since season 2, has never won at all.

Taking second place was the ever graceful and grateful Katherine Jenkins. With her consistent likeability, technically precise dancing, and downright phenomenal freestyle Monday night, it was most certainly a close race. She took her loss like a champ, and repeatedly thanked everyone for her amazing experience. No, no, no, thank you, Katherine, for making “DWTS” about 300% cuter and infinitely more enjoyable each and every week. I certainly hope you come back to perform (singing or dancing, feel free to wow us) in future seasons.

And, last, but never, never least (especially not in Bruno’s eyes heart) was William Levy, who I swear could have taken the Trophy if he had gone in a less predictably Latin-lover-wants-to-shake-his-goods-for-you direction with his freestyle Monday night. The most heartbreaking part of William’s placement was seeing his painfully cute 5-year old son crying over his Daddy’s loss. I’m sure that this is just the start for William, (despite his 8 year career) because now that millions of women across America have gotten used to seeing his face week after week, no one is letting him fade away anytime soon.

The ballroom was full of familiar faces Tuesday night as all of the past season 14 contestants came back to cheer on their friends/ dance one last time. While most re-performed one of their last dances on the show, we were treated to new routines from Sherri, Jaleel, and Roshon. Sherri, shockingly eliminated very early in the competition, wanted one more opportunity to live out her dancing dream – and what better way to do it than with 6 male counterparts (including not one, but both Chmerkovskiy brothers)? She cha-cha-chad to “It’s Raining Men”, an experience she accurately summed up as “all you can eat men” and “a buffet of booty.” Oh, how we have missed you, Sherri.

Jaleel took the opportunity to do his dream dance, a “Shaft” themed Paso Doble. All that kitsch was impossible to resist. The best part about the finale was letting all these eliminated contestants come back and really have fun, without any of the pressure of getting kicked off, or torn apart by Len. Nothing epitomized this better than Roshon and Chelsie’s freestyle. Having missed out on the opportunity to show the ballroom what he can do, Roshon returned with a dangerously fresh and extremely impressive hip-hop inspired freestyle. (Treat yourself to it below) Poor Chelsie was seriously out-danced here, as Roshon showed everyone that he really, really can dance. If he could have danced like this all season long, Donald might have had to kiss that trophy goodbye.

Kelly Clarkson came to the ballroom Tuesday night to perform a medley of her songs, “Dark Side” and “Stronger.” No surprise, since she made her start singing on live TV, Kelly performed the hell out of those songs. Later on, our favorite girl Gladys sang a rendition of “The Way We Were” in honor of Donald and Peta, Katherine and Mark, and William and Cheryl. The combination of her legendary voice, and a slideshow of the star’s best moments had every lady in the ballroom (and Mark) tearing up.

Well, it’s been fun. Season 14 definitely upped the ante for all future seasons as far as talent, fun, and intense competition. Starting in the fall, “DWTS” next cast will be entirely made up of past competitors. With the likes of Mario Lopez, Mel B, Gilles Marini, Sabrina Bryan, and Kyle Massey all coming back, which season 14-ers should give it another go? Play casting director and tell ABC who you want to see next season here.



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