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Best Bikinis For Summer 2012

Didi Beck |
May 17, 2012 | 11:27 p.m. PDT

Photo Editor

d i d i b e c k b i k i n i (Luca Khouri)
d i d i b e c k b i k i n i (Luca Khouri)
Finals are over and, at long last, summer has arrived!

In celebration of the start of bikini season, Neon Tommy has gathered 13 of this summer's hottest bikinis to fit every girl's budget.

At $24, Black Poppy gets nautical with the classic triangle bikini, and Mikoh Swimwear keeps it simply elegant yet edgy with a string racerback top for $100. The Caribbean enchantment of the d i d i b e c k b i k i n i (that's right, the bikini line by yours truly) gives the crochet bikini a new spin at $140, and L Space can do no wrong with their on-trend citrus colored fringe tops for $67. Whatever your budget, shoestring to splurge, there's something for you!

So before you hit the beach, suit up in one of these cuties and let your inner beach babe out!

Be sure to click on the bikinis for links to online retailers!


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