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Tori Spelling Shares Party Planning Tips At L.A. Times Festival Of Books

Mike Vulpo |
April 22, 2012 | 7:19 a.m. PDT

Senior Entertainment Editor

Tori Spelling's fifth book is in stores now.
Tori Spelling's fifth book is in stores now.
Reality TV star Tori Spelling spoke freely Saturday at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books as she promotes her latest book, “celebraTORI: Unleashing Your Inner Party Planner to Entertain Friends and Family.

Interviewed by Los Angeles Times entertainment writer Amy Kaufman, Spelling said the parties viewers see on television may not be realistic to throw even for her when cameras aren’t rolling. The themes and ideas, however, can easily be replicated with a variety of budgets. 

“I throw together things with love and care,” Spelling told the crowd. “There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tulle.” 

When filming her reality show, vendors are more than willing to donate their services in hopes their product will be featured on future episodes. When not filming, parties can be a little different.

Her son, Liam, recently celebrated his fifth birthday party with a SpongeBob theme. “He told me, ‘All I want is a piñata,’” Spelling admitted. “So I gave him the best piñata I could find.”

Spelling told the crowd her book can help in many different situations including date nights with the spouse, parties with over 100 guests, or even do it yourself projects. 

As a mom struggling to do it all and balance many roles, Spelling admits it’s not always easy.

“I talk about my train-wreck parties in the book too,” Spelling said. She later admitted time management and staying calm during busy times are her biggest weaknesses but she is working on them.

Kaufman asked the star about recent articles involving Gwyneth Paltrow that debate how much celebrities are actually involved with writing their literary creations. 

Spelling opening admitted, “I’ve used a ghost writer in every book I’ve done.” She claims the ghostwriter “understands my voice. We [celebrities] don’t know how to format a book. Ghostwriters help the books.”

With this in mind, the “Tori and Dean INN Love” star told fans they can expect the same writing style they've enjoyed in past books in her latest which include personal stories and inspiration from her mom, Candy Spelling.

Looking forward, Spelling says more reality television could be a possibility. When asked whether she would participate in “Celebrity Apprentice” or “Dancing With The Stars,” Spelling said she is a fan of both of them and watch often.

“I like that the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ is business oriented,” Spelling said. With “Dancing With The Stars,” however, time management might be a problem once again. 

“I wouldn’t have the time to devote myself to the show,” Spelling said. With a husband, three kids (another one on the way), a business, reality show, plenty of festivities and those barn animals, it’s safe to say dancing isn’t on the party planner’s to-do list just yet.

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