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Swanky Sunglasses For Spring And Summer

Erika Ostroff |
April 18, 2012 | 4:55 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

With spring in full bloom and summer closely approaching, the clouds are rolling out and the sun is shining through. This may be the only acceptable time for fashionistas worldwide to become a little more shady – with swanky sunglasses, that is. During these sunny seasons, sunglasses are staple accessories during now more than ever. Although it’s easy to fall in the comfort trap with eyewear, push yourself to be daring with some of the seasons’ hottest spec trends.   

Karen Walker Bunny Sunglasses (Karen Walker)
Karen Walker Bunny Sunglasses (Karen Walker)
Mirror, Mirror

No need to ask the mirror on the wall who the prettiest of them all when you chose to rock a pair of mirrored lenses.  Undoubtedly, it’s you. Mirrored lenses are no longer a fashion faux pas. The trend that your soccer coached sported on the sidelines of little league is back and in full force. While this look may be a bit daring for some, Marc by Marc Jacobs Small Metal Aviator Sunglasses. It is important to take baby steps when following the trends and Marc Jacobs’ lenses are a perfect way to do so. They meld this new trend with a more classis frame form. The mirrored lenses are spunky, but the aviator shape cranks the funk down a notch. After purchasing these, you won’t ever want to take your eyes off of yourself. Good thing that mirrors will be in close proximity at all times! 


There’s nothing worse than foggy lenses; but this season, there’s nothing better than a pair of clear frames. Ditch the metals and quit reaching for subtle blacks and browns. It’s a guarantee that you won’t be making a spectacle of yourself with clear, edgy specs. The change of pace in the glasses’ style undoubtedly garners attention. Clear frames are such a stray from the norm so take advantage of this creative opportunity. For a simple look, a-la librarian, transparent white frames are a way to hone in on the trend without taking it too far. For a completely different look, rock retro clear shades in neon hues. This punch of color is an easy way to make a boring outfit pop. Try Karen Walker’s Bunny shades. They come in Crystal Orange and Crystal Fuchsia. Fun will be in your face – literally. 

Two-Toned Touch

Are you madly indecisive or simply fashion-forward? One may never know. Lucky you, two-toned eyewear is in. Tune back to the sunglass trend in the millennium where lenses went from dark to light – in blues and pinks to clear. If you were lucky, you had a little rhinestone heart, star or peace sign bedazzlement on the lower left lens. Designers like Gucci and popular chains like Limited Too made these frames readily available for all. While the young and old donned these lenses, the two-toned twist trendily extends from the lenses to the frames – in this case, no part is missing out. Oliver Goldsmith’s Y-Not glasses are black cat-eye specs that fade to tortoise shell brown. But Goldsmith’s glasses can be pricey. Icon at Nordstrom has a pocket-friendly alternative. At only $12, The Maureen glasses come in brown to blue gradients or purple to blue gradients. This style will make you look ravishing under the rays.  

Round It Up

Season and bus-wheels go round and round; and now, your sunnies can too. Round lenses have graced the faces of many famed individuals throughout time. From Elton John’s iconic spectacles to Lady Gaga’s over-the-top face furniture, to the Olsen twins’ bug-eye-blunders, it’s safe to say that there’s space for error when sporting round frames. But with these tips, you won’t be going in circles – only your glasses will. Chanel, Prada and Miu Miu have hopped along this bandwagon. One thing their frames all have in common? They are solid black. The round-shape lenses are bold; so with regards to color, less is more.   

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